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Join us on this tour, and get to know some of the features and capabilities of The Gateway. Please note: You can navigate through each set of examples by clicking on the text links or the sides of the images.

  • Overview

    Since its creation, The Gateway to Oklahoma History has connected millions of users around the world with collections housed in Oklahoma.

    In The Gateway you may discover anything from an ancestor's picture to a rare historical map.

    Whether you're here for a casual look or you want to conduct in-depth research, we have you covered.

    The Gateway to Oklahoma History

  • Search

    Choose one of the 7 links below to see an example.

    In The Gateway your initial search will automatically cover descriptive item records and the full text of printed items.

    For more complicated queries, use our advanced, guided, or proximity search interfaces.

    You can also:

    • Limit your search to specific fields in the item records.
    • Filter your results.
    • Display your results as a list.
    • Display your results as a grid.
    • Change how your results are sorted.

    Need more help with search?

    Search Features

  • Explore

    Choose one of the 8 examples below to see a corresponding screenshot.

    Besides searching, we provide a number of ways to browse our content. Here are the different ways for you to start exploring The Gateway:

    Getting There

    Explore pages are available from the drop-down menu at the top of any page on the site.

  • Items

    Learn the who, what, when, and where of items!

    You can learn all about an item by viewing its descriptive record. All of our item records follow the same basic pattern: each begins with a contextual overview and then presents information in grouped categories, making it easy to find important details. We try hard to both show and link to relations with other items in the Gateway as well.

    • Who shows you the creator, rights holder, and any important people named in the item.
    • What describes the original item and provides subjects and keywords.
    • When provides dates related to the original item and its maintenance in The Gateway.
    • Where lists and maps locations related to the content.

    Overview of Item

  • Read & View

    Choose one of the 4 examples linked below to see a corresponding screenshot.

    You can always find how to use an item by following the prompts. It's easy to:

    • Read text or handwritten items.
    • View photos or maps.

    Using an Item

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  • Dig Deeper

    The 7 examples linked below have corresponding screenshots.

    Our interface provides special features for some types of items.

    If you are quantitatively inclined, we also have statistics for you.

    More Interaction

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  • Cite, Re-use, Share

    Give credit!

    When you find that perfect item in The Gateway that answers a question, connects a bit of information with another, or is simply cool, we try to make it easy for you to:

    Sharing With the World

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  • Give Back

    Participate with us!

    Now that you know The Gateway a little better, we encourage you to think about giving back.

    Ways to Give Back

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