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J. George Wright

Description: Photograph of Hon. J. George Wright, first US Indian inspector, was in charge of Osage Tribe. Photo by Harris and Ewing, Washington, DC.
Date: unknown
Creator: Harris and Ewing
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Governor Frank Frantz

Description: Photograph of L to R: seated: 1. John D. Benedict, 2. Secretary Of The Interior Garfield, 3. Gov. Frank Frantz, 4. Inspector George Wright. Standing: 1. Mayor Martin Of Muskogee, 2. Mr. Hegler, K.C. Journal Correspondent, 3. Capt. Ira L. Reeves of Muskogee, 4. Mr. Morrison, Census Taker, 5. Clarence Douglas, Editor Muskogee Phoenix, 6. P.B. Hopkins, member of Constitutional Convention, 7. Private secretary to Secretary Garfield, 8. Frank Hubbard, Candidate for Congress, he had charge of the Wor… more
Date: unknown
Creator: Pierson
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Cherokee Male Seminary

Description: Photograph of 27 people outside a building, which later burned down in 1910, the Cherokee Male Seminary, Tahlequah, Indian Territory, c. 1900-1905. Photo by Robertson Studio, Muskogee, Indian Territory.
Date: 1900~/1905~
Creator: Robertson Studio
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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