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Thrice Purchased: Acquisition and Allotment of the Citizen Potawatomi Reservation

Description: Article explores the arrival of the Potawatomi in central Oklahoma after being pushed out of their communally held Kansas reserve and into the Indian Territory, the acquisition of a new reservation, and the means used to force them to own land as individuals.
Date: Spring 2008
Creator: Kraft, Lisa
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"And The Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day": Drought and the Cherokee Outlet Land Run

Description: This article details the difficulties that settlers of the Cherokee Outlet faced and how they coped with adverse conditions. Many environmental and economic factors contributed to their success or failure, including a major drought on the Southern Plains that coincided with the opening of the Cherokee Outlet in 1893.
Date: Winter 2003
Creator: Sweeney, Kevin Z.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"An anxiety to do right": The Life of Judge John Hazelton Cotteral, 1864-1933

Description: Article provides a portrait of John H. Cotteral, the first federal judge for the Western District of Oklahoma and the first Oklahoman to occupy the bench of the circuit court of appeals. The article explores both the man and the legal opinions he wrote throughout his forty-year career.
Date: Autumn 2000
Creator: Leitch, Kevin C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Early Chisholm Trail to Abilene, Kansas, 1867-71

Description: Article describes the path of the Chisholm Trail from 1867 to 1871. There were two pathways used by Texas trail drivers to Kansas. One route is well-documented and depicted on modern maps as the "Chisholm Trail." This article demonstrates that a more easterly route was the first route used to trail herds to Abilene, Kansas, from 1867 to 1871.
Date: Summer 2015
Creator: Kraisinger, Gary & Kraisinger, Margaret
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Willard Johnston: Homesteader and Frontier Banker, 1881-1904

Description: Article studies the development of frontier banking as exemplified in Willard Johnston's interests, which began in Shawnee and expanded to include numerous financial institutions and communities around the state.
Date: Winter 2009
Creator: Hightower, Michael J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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