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Cascorillo: Archaeological Fact or Romantic Fantasy?

Description: Article attempts to corroborate the account of Pedro Jaungonzales who claims to have stayed at a fort used for digging, smelting, and protecting the Mexico-Texas border during Texas' fight for independence called Cascorillo. Few archeological artifacts have been found to confirm his story.
Date: Spring 1971
Creator: Ottaway, Harold N.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 89, Number 3, Fall 2011

Description: Notes and Documents section from Volume 89, Number 3, Fall 2011. It includes a short document titled "The Twenty-Five Indians: A Revealing Ledger from the Genevieve Seger Collection" that describes a ledger book dating back to 1886 which lists the names of the first colonists to leave the Darlington (Cheyenne-Arapaho) Agency to establish an agricultural colony on the Washita River. The ledger, given to the Oklahoma Historical Society by Genevieve Seger, provides evidence that twenty-eight Arapa… more
Date: Autumn 2011
Creator: Welge, William D.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Battle of the Washita, Revisited: A Journey to a Historic Site in 1933

Description: Article describes the journey of Howard F. Van Zandt and Guy W. Lanman, two graduate students from the University of Oklahoma, to the historic site of the Battle of the Washita in 1933. Howard F. Van Zandt provides his reconstruction of the events following the walkthrough of the battle sites and his interaction with a Cheyenne survivor of the attack.
Date: Spring 1984
Creator: Van Zandt, Howard F.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Historic Spots and Actions in the Washita Valley up to 1870

Description: Article details the military expeditions undertaken around the Washita River by the United States in the hopes of swaying the American Indian tribes that lived there to cooperate with the government's decrees.
Date: Summer 1927
Creator: Allgood, Samuel Y.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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