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Homesteading in Roger Mills County: The Wilcox Family

Description: Article explores the struggles faced by the Wilcox family who homesteaded land in Roger Mills County through excerpts of family memoirs and correspondence. Margaret E. Brown also provides a wider context to the difficult economic and weather conditions farmers in 1900s Oklahoma faced.
Date: Summer 1995
Creator: Brown, Margaret E.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Oklahoma's Million Acre Ranch

Description: Article explores the history of Roger Mills County and the Cheyenne and Arapaho Cattle Company, which leased lands on the Cheyenne and Arapaho Reservation. Melvin Harrell examines correspondence from the time to analyze the conflict that occurred between the cattlemen and the tribes living on the land.
Date: Spring 1951
Creator: Harrel, Melvin
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

History Underfoot: The Search for Physical Evidence of the 1868 Attack on Black Kettle's Village

Description: Article chronicles the four-pronged attack on Cheyenne Peace Chief Black Kettle's village on the Washita River in 1868 that would later become the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site. William B. Lees, Douglas D. Scott, and C. Vance Haynes provide further evidence from surveys conducted at the scene to interpret the event in the form of archaeological/geological findings and recovered artifacts.
Date: Summer 2001
Creator: Lees, William B.; Scott, Douglas D. & Haynes, C. Vance
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Old Bar X Ranch

Description: Article chronicles the history of the Old Bar X Ranch, a ranch that stood as a landmark at the end of a trail cattlemen used for grazing their herds.
Date: Spring 1971
Creator: Taylor, Nat A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The History of Hammon and the Red Moon School

Description: Article discusses the establishment of the Red Moon Boarding School at the Red Moon Agency for the Cheyenne and Arapaho groups living on the reservation there. Patt Hodge describes the work of James H. Hammon and the success of the school.
Date: Summer 1966
Creator: Hodge, Patt
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Journal of Private Johnson: A Fragment

Description: Article narrates the life of George H. Johnson during the Battle of Washita, where the 7th U.S. Cavalry attacked a Cheyenne camp to push them across the Washita River. The journal entries document Johnson's trials as he and his fellow soldiers marched through the area during a stormy winter.
Date: Winter 1971
Creator: Shirk, George H.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Battle of the Washita Centennial, 1968

Description: Article narrates the centennial celebration of the Battle of Washita. The battle resulted in the Peace Chief Black Kettle and his wife being killed by soldiers of the 7th US Cavalry as the attempted to cross the river. The battle ground is now a National Historic Site.
Date: Winter 1968
Creator: Thetford, Francis
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Some Reminiscences of the Battle of the Washita

Description: Article discusses the Battle of Washita, the attack on Cheyenne Chief Black Kettle's village, from the perspective of two survivors, Moving Behind and Wolf Belly Woman. Theodore a. Ediger and Vinnie Hoffman provide historical context to the interviews they conducted with these Cheyenne women.
Date: Summer 1955
Creator: Ediger, Theodore A. & Hoffman, Vinnie
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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