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Peaceful Progress: An Account of the Italians of Krebs, Oklahoma

Description: Article examines the history of the Italian community in Krebs, Oklahoma. Kenny L. Brown explores the political environment of their homeland, the reasons for their migration, and the conditions faced in the coal mining industry that led to the formation of labor unions.
Date: Autumn 1975
Creator: Brown, Kenny L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Rex Brinlee: The Man and His Escape

Description: This article tells the story of notorious criminal Rex Brinlee, who is best known for his multiple escapes from the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. The article interweaves the details of his crimes with larger state events, including the McAlester Prison Riot.
Date: Summer 2013
Creator: Reavis, Jack Anthony
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Gentleman Tom Abbott: Middleweight Champion of the Southwest

Description: Article describes the life and career of middleweight boxing champion Tom Abbott, the grandfather of the author. Devon Abbott illustrates his impact not just in the ring, but in his careers as a football and track coach and a chief of police in McAlester, Oklahoma.
Date: Spring 1990
Creator: Abbott, Tom
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 86, Number 3, Fall 2008

Description: Notes and Document section from Volume 86, Number 3, Fall 2008. It includes "The Busby Theatre," an article detailing the history of the Busby Theatre in McAlester, Oklahoma, including a short biographical sketch of Colonel William "Bill" Busby, the person the theatre was named after.
Date: Autumn 2008
Creator: Shuller, Thurman
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Road to Russian Hill: A Story of Immigration and Coal Mining

Description: Article describes the history of the Carpatho-Russsian community that took root in the area of Hartshorne, Oklahoma known as Russian Hill after immigrating from Galicia. Michael J. Hightower includes recollections from descendants of community members to recall what daily life was like there.
Date: Autumn 1985
Creator: Hightower, Michael J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

We Had Everything But Money

Description: Article describes the life of Congressmen Carl Albert and the environment and motivations that led him to seek political office in an autobiographical recollection. Albert provides a rich portrait of his family and upbringing in Bug Tussle, a rural school district in Oklahoma.
Date: Summer 1988
Creator: Albert, Carl Bert, 1908-2000 & Goble, Danney
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Inside the Store, Inside the Past: A Cultural Analysis of McAlester's General Store

Description: Article discusses the life and entrepreneurship of James J. McAlester, owner of McAlester's General Store, a prominent establishment in the Choctaw Nation in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Linda C. English takes a closer look at the growth and change of the store through its records.
Date: Spring 2003
Creator: English, Linda C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents [Summer 1980]

Description: Notes and Documents column for Summer 1980, including a notice about the Edna May Armold Archives Room at the El Reno Carnegie Library, as well as a record of the mining disaster that occurred at Krebs Mine No. 11 in the form of a poem and a list of names of those killed.
Date: Summer 1980
Creator: Armold, Edna May & Snodgrass, Martha
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Tobucksy County Courthouse

Description: Article narrates the many court cases tried inside of the Tobucksy County Courthouse, a building that was once the home to pioneer physician Dr. Daniel Morris Hailey. The building is now called the old Choctaw Indian Courthouse.
Date: Spring 1970
Creator: Hefley, A. D.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Recollections of My Early Life

Description: Article describes the upbringing of Carl B. Albert, Oklahoma Congressman and Speaker of the House at the time the article was published, in North McAlester, Oklahoma. Albert shares his personal reminisces of his early home and his father's mining work.
Date: Spring 1974
Creator: Albert, Carl Bert
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 45, Number 1, Spring 1967

Description: Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 45, Number 1, Spring 1967. It includes a document about recollections of writer Clarence Alva Powell of his life in Indian Territory in the towns of Ashland and Wilburton.
Date: Spring 1967
Creator: Powell, Clarence Alva
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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