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Emperor Haile Selassie in Stillwater: The First Visit to Oklahoma by a Reigning Foreign Head of State

Description: Article discusses Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia's visit to Oklahoma A&M College in 1954. This event followed the collaborative efforts between the country's leadership and Oklahoma A&M to found the Jimma Agricultural Technical School and the Imperial Ethiopian College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts in Ethiopia. Theodore M. Vestal describes the visit, the life of the Ethiopian emperor, and the history of Ethiopia in the following years.
Date: Summer 2001
Creator: Vestal, Theodore M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Influence on Commercial Architecture: Stillwater, O.T., 1889-1907

Description: Article highlights the growth and development of the city of Stillwater during the territorial period of Oklahoma's history. Carol Bormann focuses on the type of architectural styles and fixtures that began to appear in early Stillwater buildings, examining the remnants from an earlier time.
Date: Summer 1995
Creator: Bormann, Carol
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Ekvn-hv'lwuce: Site of Oklahoma's First Civil War Battle

Description: Article describes Ekvn-hv'lwuce, determined to be the site of the first battle of the Civil War fought on Oklahoma soil, and examines the account of the battle by Euchee/Yuchi Chief S. W. Brown to construct a portrait of the battle, which was fought between Muscogee Creek Chief Opothleyahola and Confederate forces.
Date: Winter 1951
Creator: Russell, Orpha B.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Old Ingalls: The Story of a Town That Will Not Die

Description: Article explores the growth of the town of "Old Ingalls" and accounts of the crime that occurred there during a time when bandit gangs roamed Oklahoma Territory. Leslie McRill includes newspaper accounts as well as excerpts from the diary of a town doctor, Dr. J. H. Pickering.
Date: Winter 1958
Creator: McRill, Leslie A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Money Matters: The Stamp Scrip Movement in Depression-Era Oklahoma

Description: Article expanding on the previous 2004 article on Oklahoma's reaction to the depression era banking crisis of early 1933. In this article, Gatch ties the origin of the scrip movement to the writings of Yale University's professor Irving Fisher and traces the implementation of scrip schemes in nearly three dozen Oklahoma towns and explains the reasons for scrip's early success and rapid demise.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Gatch, Loren C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Oklahoma Territory and the National Archives: A Historian's Paradise

Description: Article provides an auto-biographical exploration of the research conducted by Berlin Basil Chapman, an Oklahoma historian and an Assistant Professor of History at Oklahoma A&M. Chapman's works include articles, theses, and a bibliography centered around resources related to Oklahoma Territory in the National Archives.
Date: Winter 1982
Creator: Chapman, Berlin B.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Mehan Memories: A Croquet Diamond was the Social Center

Description: Article describes the history of the town of Mehan, Oklahoma, its founding families and businesses, and the town's unique social center--a croquet field. Founded near the turn of the twentieth century, Mehan remained a small, quiet village until an oil boom brought an influx of people to Payne County in the 1920s. Prosperity lasted only until the 1950s, however, when population loss, a devastating flood, and the loss of the railroad initiated Mehan's decline.
Date: Winter 2003
Creator: Newsom, D. Earl
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Main Street, Stillwater OK, Growing Up with Hollywood CA: An Oklahoma Town's Movie Theaters

Description: Article describes the development of movie theaters in Stillwater, Oklahoma from opera houses, to locally-owned movie houses, to chain takeovers. Deborah Carmichael equates this growth to the development of the film industry in Hollywood and the importance of moving pictures in the history of the U.S.
Date: Spring 2002
Creator: Carmichael, Deborah
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Tale of Sergeant Webber: Nativism in Northern Oklahoma in 1923

Description: Article discusses the history of the Ku Klux Klan in Oklahoma in the 1920s, when popularized nativism and public spectacle led to an increased "joining" period by members of the community. Jim Showalter examines the activity of the elusive Sergeant William Webber, a speaker who ascribed to Klan ideals and enforced them in the minds of the public.
Date: Spring 2004
Creator: Showalter, Jim
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Ceramics Factory at Oklahoma State University

Description: Article chronicles the rise and fall of the ceramics factory located on the Oklahoma State University's campus during the Great Depression.
Date: Summer 1972
Creator: Smith, Robert E.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Log-Cabin Days in Oklahoma

Description: Article includes recollections of the author's early pioneer days in Oklahoma. James K. Hastings illustrates the struggles and victories of settler life, including gaining access to a water supply, maintaining hospitable schools and churches, and fending off farm pests.
Date: Summer 1950
Creator: Hastings, James K.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Revolution for the Hell of It: Abbie Hoffman Visits Oklahoma State University in 1971

Description: Article discussing the struggle between Oklahoma State University student activists and conservative students and administrators in 1970-71 regarding the push to invite Abbie Hoffman as a campus speaker. This fueled an enormous controversy that, in the end, upheld the constitutional rights of OSU students.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Johnson, Erica
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Colonel Cooper's Civil War Report on the Battle of Round Mountain

Description: Article summarizes and provides details for the report written by Colonel Douglas H. Cooper, a commander in the Confederate Army, about the Battle at Round Mountain fought against Muscogee (Creek) leader Opothleyahola. Muriel H. Wright provides excerpts of the report and includes maps and information about other Civil War battles.
Date: Winter 1961
Creator: Wright, Muriel H. (Muriel Hazel), 1889-1975
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Memories of an Oklahoma Teacher

Description: Article narrates the life of Pat Tankersley, a woman raised by farmers in Oklahoma Territory who taught at North Fork School shortly after Oklahoma was officially declared a state.
Date: Winter 1972
Creator: Tankersley, Pat A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

King of the Wildcatters: Tom Slick and the Cushing Oil Field

Description: Article explores the life and career of the oil prospector Tom Slick and one of his most successful ventures, the opening of Cushing oil field. Ray Miles includes details about the field's contributions in World War I as well as correspondence written by Slick himself.
Date: Summer 1987
Creator: Miles, Ray
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Girl Scouting in Stillwater, Oklahoma: A Case Study in Local History

Description: Article describes the history of Girl Scouting in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Lynda M. Sturdevant discusses the formation of the Girl Scout Council and the many volunteer projects carried out under their leadership, which included tree and flower planting, drives and projects, and making cookies for the troops during World War II.
Date: Spring 1979
Creator: Sturdevant, Lynda M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Location of the Battle of Round Mountains

Description: Article provides a summary of the information collected by the author from various sources about the location of the Battle of Round Mountain. Angie Debo discusses the debate over its precise location and the work of the Payne County Historical Society.
Date: Spring 1963
Creator: Debo, Angie
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Class of 1903 at Oklahoma A. & M. College

Description: Article describes the author's experiences at Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College as a member of the class of 1903. R. Morton House describes the classes and musical organizations he participated in, as well as the rest of the student body.
Date: Winter 1966
Creator: House, R. Morton
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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