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A Reading Room of Their Own: Library Services for African Americans in Oklahoma, 1907-1946

Description: Article discussing the struggles African American Oklahomans faced for access to public library services. The first forty years of statehood brought a few successes, and by mid-century only eleven communities provided a public library facility for the state's black citizens.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Cassity, R. O. Joe, Jr.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Rex Brinlee: The Man and His Escape

Description: This article tells the story of notorious criminal Rex Brinlee, who is best known for his multiple escapes from the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. The article interweaves the details of his crimes with larger state events, including the McAlester Prison Riot.
Date: Summer 2013
Creator: Reavis, Jack Anthony
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Simon Ralph "S.R." Walkingstick: A Cherokee Leader

Description: Article traces the life and genealogy of S. R. Walkingstick to show the ways in which one Cherokee family contributed to the tribal and state community.
Date: Summer 2018
Creator: McCullagh, James G.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Creek Draft Rebellion of 198: Wartime Hysteria and Indian-Baiting in WWI Oklahoma

Description: Article depicts the events following the "Creek Draft Rebellion of 1918" and subsequent long and costly investigation into the leader of the demonstration, Ellen Perryman. Thomas A. Britten demonstrates the public hysteria perpetrated by the press and stereotypical negative image of Native Americans that was present in WWI Oklahoma.
Date: Summer 2001
Creator: Britten, Thomas A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A Will of Iron: Dr. M. L. Peter and the Oklahoma City-County Health Department

Description: Article explores M. L. Peter's career in public health and contributions to the Oklahoma City community. Peter served for fifteen years as director of the Oklahoma City-County Health Department, bringing polio vaccination clinics and improved sanitation practices to the Oklahoma City Area.
Date: Winter 2016
Creator: Peter, Stephen B.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Chitto Harjo and the Snake Rebellion

Description: This article compares newspapers in Oklahoma to newspapers nationwide to discover the impact of the Snake Rebellion, led by Chitto Harjo.
Date: Summer 2010
Creator: Jones, Leslie
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Okmulgee Constitution: A Step Towards Indian Self-Determination

Description: Article describes a series of meetings held in the 1870s by a general council comprised of delegates from twelve Indian tribes to draft a constitution setting up a territorial government, the Okmulgee Constitution. Although the constitution itself was never adopted, the council meetings still allowed the tribes to confront issues they were facing and provided an example of their self-determination to the national government.
Date: Autumn 1980
Creator: Nolen, Curtis L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Money Matters: The Stamp Scrip Movement in Depression-Era Oklahoma

Description: Article expanding on the previous 2004 article on Oklahoma's reaction to the depression era banking crisis of early 1933. In this article, Gatch ties the origin of the scrip movement to the writings of Yale University's professor Irving Fisher and traces the implementation of scrip schemes in nearly three dozen Oklahoma towns and explains the reasons for scrip's early success and rapid demise.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Gatch, Loren
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Building and Promoting Their Place: The Clegerns of ‘89

Description: Article discusses the Clegern family and sheds light on a crucial time in the growth of three different Oklahoma cities. William Clegern and his son, Harry, were entrepreneurs who found opportunity in the 1889 Land Run. In addition, they influenced the development of Oklahoma City, Edmond, and Henryetta.
Date: Spring 2014
Creator: Clegern, Wayne M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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