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Money Matters: The Stamp Scrip Movement in Depression-Era Oklahoma

Description: Article expanding on the previous 2004 article on Oklahoma's reaction to the depression era banking crisis of early 1933. In this article, Gatch ties the origin of the scrip movement to the writings of Yale University's professor Irving Fisher and traces the implementation of scrip schemes in nearly three dozen Oklahoma towns and explains the reasons for scrip's early success and rapid demise.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Gatch, Loren C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Witness to History: Booker T. Washington Visits Boley

Description: Article describes Booker T. Washington's visits to the all-black town of Boley, Oklahoma, to show his support for the community. Norman L. Crockett includes documentation from the time to provide a more detailed picture of the renowned educator's visits and studies the birth and death of the town.
Date: Winter 1989
Creator: Crockett, Norman L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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