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Hopefield Mission in Osage Nation, 1823-1837

Description: Article describes the establishment and history of the Hopefield Mission, a branch of Union Mission established by Reverend William B. Montgomery, William C. Requa, and his wife. Carloyn Thomas Foreman discusses the hardships faced at the mission while trying to provide agricultural training to the Osage people.
Date: Summer 1950
Creator: Foreman, Carolyn Thomas, 1872-1967
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Saline Courthouse Massacre

Description: Article describes the events of the "Saline Courthouse Massacre," an event which included the deaths of storeowner Thomas Baggett and elected sheriff Dave Ridge, and the history of the Saline District in the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. Omer L. Morgan uses documentation of the event to construct a picture of what happened.
Date: Spring 1955
Creator: Morgan, Omer L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Union Mission, 1826-1837

Description: Article discusses the history of Union Mission from 1826 to 1837 through a summary of the Journal of the Union Mission kept in the library of the Oklahoma Historical Society. Hope Holway discusses the difficulties the missionaries faced in their work, the cost of living there, and the people groups they intended to minister to.
Date: Winter 1962
Creator: Holway, Hope
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Thomas Jefferson Harrison

Description: Article honors the life and contributions of Thomas Jefferson Harrison, who was a member of the Oklahoma Historical Society Board of Directors, one of the founders of Pryor Library, a collector of ancient and rare bibles, and dedicated to his community.
Date: Summer 1963
Creator: Wilkerson, John C., Jr.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Cherokee Orphan Asylum

Description: Article describes the establishment and history of the Cherokee Orphan Asylum, an institution that provided care and education to orphaned children of the Cherokee Nation. Judge N. B. Johnson describes the evolution of the institution and how the nation secured funds for its creation.
Date: Autumn 1966
Creator: Johnson, N. B.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

On the Gallows' Edge: Capital Punishment, Appeals, and Presidential Clemency in Indian Territory, 1896-1907

Description: This article continues Von Creel's study of the administration of justice in Indian Territory courts and expands upon the application of capital punishment. Von Creel details the cases of nine individuals who were convicted of capital crimes but who escaped hanging. Their stories involve the complicated legal processes of appeal, application for presidential clemency, commutation of sentence, and post-verdict motions.
Date: Summer 2006
Creator: Creel, Von Russell
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A Separate People: A History of the Oklahoma Amish

Description: Article describes how the resilient people of the Oklahoma Amish have maintained their lifestyle through 120 years of environmental and technological change.
Date: Winter 2012
Creator: Kroeker, Marvin E., 1928-
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Water and Power: Developing the Grand River Dam Authority, Part 1, 1935-1944

Description: Article describes the eight year project that led to the creation of the Grand River Dam Authority. Part 1 of Richard Lowitt's two-part article describes how the GRDA was campaigned for by Representative Wesley Disney and Senator Elmer Thomas of the Oklahoma Legislature. The resulting construction of the Pensacola Dam became a remedy for both flood control and creation of electric power.
Date: Summer 2009
Creator: Lowitt, Richard, 1922-2018
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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