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A Reading Room of Their Own: Library Services for African Americans in Oklahoma, 1907-1946

Description: Article discussing the struggles African American Oklahomans faced for access to public library services. The first forty years of statehood brought a few successes, and by mid-century only eleven communities provided a public library facility for the state's black citizens.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Cassity, R. O. Joe, Jr.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Oklahoma's First Comprehensive University: Langston University, The Early Years

Description: Article discusses the history of Oklahoma's first comprehensive university, Langston University. Originally known as the Colored Agricultural and Normal University at Langston, the university flourished and provided an education to black citizens of Oklahoma amidst early obstacles of segregation and poor funding.
Date: Spring 1996
Creator: Brown, Willis L. & McNeal-Brown, Janie M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"An anxiety to do right": The Life of Judge John Hazelton Cotteral, 1864-1933

Description: Article provides a portrait of John H. Cotteral, the first federal judge for the Western District of Oklahoma and the first Oklahoman to occupy the bench of the circuit court of appeals. The article explores both the man and the legal opinions he wrote throughout his forty-year career.
Date: Autumn 2000
Creator: Leitch, Kevin C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Joseph Pierre Foucart: Man of Art and Mystery

Description: Article details the life and works of an architect shrouded in mystery, Joseph Pierre Foucart. Louis Cozby describes the man's contributions to Guthrie, Oklahoma's landscape and the efforts of two historians, Don Odom and Lloyd H. McGuire, to uncover information about Foucart's disappearance.
Date: Winter 2002
Creator: Cozby, Louis
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"A Model Fruit Ranch": The Housholder Fruit Farm of Guthrie, Oklahoma

Description: Article written by Joe Bax, Glen Housholder's grandson, provides a portrait of the Householder Fruit Farm and the family's tremendous successes amid struggles against railroads, commission merchants, and Oklahoma's sometimes fickle weather.
Date: Autumn 2004
Creator: Bax, Joe G.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Moral Reform for the "Magic City": Temperance in Guthrie, Oklahoma, 1889-1907

Description: Article traces the influence of prohibition and temperance during the territorial period of Oklahoma's history in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Although saloons and breweries represented much of the town's industry, anti-liquor groups argued for reform.
Date: Winter 1999
Creator: Dew, Jay R.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 92, Number 2, Summer 2014

Description: Notes and Documents section from Volume 92, Number 2, Summer 2014. It includes a short article honoring Linda Williams Reese and Mary Jane Warde, two of the inductees into the Oklahoma Historians Hall of Fame in 2013. It also includes "The Story of the Location of the Capital" that was written by Thomas F. Mechan in 1913 and provides an account of Oklahoma politics during the state's early days.
Date: Summer 2014
Creator: Lambert, Paul F.; Bass, Elizabeth M. B.; McMechan, Thomas F. & Williams, Chad
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Willard Johnston: Homesteader and Frontier Banker, 1881-1904

Description: Article studies the development of frontier banking as exemplified in Willard Johnston's interests, which began in Shawnee and expanded to include numerous financial institutions and communities around the state.
Date: Winter 2009
Creator: Hightower, Michael J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 85, Number 3, Fall 2007

Description: Notes and Document section from Volume 85, Number 3, Fall 2007. This article includes excerpts from the unfinished manuscript entitled "Cushion of Confidence," by Theresa Galloway Holman, wife of Oklahoma Senator H. H. Holman, who served in the first Oklahoma Senate from 1907-1909. In her manuscript, Mrs. Holman speaks about the early politics of Oklahoma including the adoption of a constitution, celebrating statehood in 1907, and general comments as a wife of the first legislature.
Date: Autumn 2007
Creator: Turner, Alvin O.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"He Was Into Everything": Joseph W. McNeal, Territorial Innovator

Description: Article describes the life and diverse careers of Joseph W. McNeal, an Oklahoma pioneer who was a leading figure in banking, politics, business, and philanthropy in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Helen Freudenberger Holmes explores the full life of this founder of the Oklahoma Historical Society.
Date: Winter 1983
Creator: Holmes, Helen Freudenberger
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Oklahoma University at Guthrie

Description: Article discusses the short history of Oklahoma University at Guthrie and its president and founder, William Albert Buxton. Frank A. Balyeat discusses the process of Buxton securing funds for the building, his arrest, and the curriculum and memories of those enrolled at Oklahoma University during this time.
Date: Autumn 1959
Creator: Balyeat, Frank A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"Everyone Got His Two Cents Worth": Leslie Gordon Niblack and the Guthrie Daily Leader

Description: Article provides a historical portrait the last decade of Guthrie Daily Leader editor Leslie Gordon Niblack's career, as well as some of the headlines and contents of the newspaper itself. Niblack was a supporter of the Democratic Party and often featured political stories, but his newspaper also featured stories about natural disasters, local events, and advertisements.
Date: Winter 1982
Creator: Hall, Dennie
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"No Wild Venture": The State Capital Publishing Building

Description: Article delineates the construction of the Oklahoma State Capital Building, led by the Oklahoma State Capital newspaper editor Frank Hilton Greer, and the history behind it. Lloyd C. Lentz, II, also explores the legacy Greer left through the conversion of the building to the State Capital Publishing Museum.
Date: Autumn 1983
Creator: Lentz, Lloyd C., III
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Roxana: The Last of the Wild Boom Towns

Description: Article explores the boom and bust of the town of Roxana, Oklahoma. D. Earl Newsom discusses the history of Roxana, from the success of the oil industry there to the crime that ran rampant, to the eventual collapse of the boom town.
Date: Spring 1991
Creator: Newsom, D. Earl
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Harnessing Nature: Flood Control in Oklahoma

Description: Article describes the development of flood control structures in Oklahoma. It presents a brief overview of the history, importance, and benefits of small watershed dams; highlights three small watershed dams in Logan County; and demonstrates how the watershed dams have benefited Oklahoma.
Date: Summer 2014
Creator: Mundende, Darlington Chongo
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Removal of the State Capital

Description: Article describes the process of the removal of the state capital of Oklahoma from Guthrie to Oklahoma City. Fred P. Branson explores the discourse that occurred in the Oklahoma legislature and the reason behind the Supreme Court's final decision.
Date: Spring 1953
Creator: Branson, Fred P.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Edward P. McCabe and the Langston Experiment

Description: Article chronicles the activism done by Edward P. McCabe, the first African-American person elected to a public office outside of the South, as he encouraged more African-American people to settle within Oklahoma Territory. The article tells his story through newspaper articles published at the time.
Date: Autumn 1973
Creator: Roberson, Jere W.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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