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Money Matters: The Stamp Scrip Movement in Depression-Era Oklahoma

Description: Article expanding on the previous 2004 article on Oklahoma's reaction to the depression era banking crisis of early 1933. In this article, Gatch ties the origin of the scrip movement to the writings of Yale University's professor Irving Fisher and traces the implementation of scrip schemes in nearly three dozen Oklahoma towns and explains the reasons for scrip's early success and rapid demise.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Gatch, Loren C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Annette Blackburn Ehler and the Pat Hennessey Memorial Garden

Description: Article describes pioneer woman Annette Blackburn Ehler and her contributions to Oklahoma history through the Oklahoma Historical Society and Oklahoma Memorial Association. Athie Sale Davis discusses her work creating the Pat Hennessey Memorial Garden and the contents of her writings.
Date: Autumn 1953
Creator: Davis, Athie Sale
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Pioneering on the Great Plains

Description: Article describes the harrowing experience of one pioneer and his wife and children traveling in a covered wagon on the Great Plains. William E. Baker tells the story of the dangers of crossing a river and the journey to Kingfisher, Oklahoma.
Date: Autumn 1957
Creator: Baker, William E.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

C.P. "Doc" Wickmiller: Boomer with a "Hatful of Pills"

Description: Article illustrates the life and career of W. C. "Doc" Wickmiller, a druggist who joined David L. Payne's "boomer" party and settled in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Genevieve Moss describes the growth of his drugstore from a tent to the first two-story building in town and a mini-museum that showcased all the artifacts he had collected on the frontier.
Date: Summer 1985
Creator: Moss, Genevieve
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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