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Forty Feet Under: Kaw City and the Kaw Project on the Arkansas River, 1957-1976

Description: Article describing the process of the construction of the Kaw Dam and Reservoir. From the mid-1950s the inhabitants of Kaw City, founded in 1902 in Kay County, anticipated the construction of Kaw Dam and Reservoir on the Arkansas River. As the bureaucratic process dragged on for decades, the project divided the community. Ultimately, the residents rebuilt on a new site, and by 1977 "Old" Kaw City lay forty feet under Kaw Lake.
Date: Winter 2006
Creator: Lowitt, Richard, 1922-2018
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

From Rackets to Ranches: Al Capone and the 101 Ranch

Description: Article explores the deal that was almost made to sell the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch to Chicago gangster Al Capone and his family. Glen A. Phillilps, Jr. examines Zack Miller's attempts to revitalize the ranch and the reasons behind the deal's failure.
Date: Summer 1997
Creator: Phillips, Glen A., Jr.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"No Home on the Range": The Miller Family's Great Swindle of Indian Lands

Description: Article describes the unfair methods the Miller Family, owners of the 101 Ranch, employed to acquire land in the Cherokee Outlet from the Western Cherokee Indians who had received it from the United States government in 1928. Jo L. Wetherilt Behrens recounts the details of the various schemes and ruses the Millers employed to take advantage of their neighboring tribes.
Date: Summer 2004
Creator: Behrens, Jo Lea Wetherilt
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Politics and Greed? Allotments and Town Building Schemes in the Cherokee Outlet

Description: Article describes the contention that occurred between Cherokee leaders, the U.S. government, and speculating homesteaders in the Cherokee Outlet over the designation of county seats. Karen Dye explores how land allotments given to seventy Cherokee citizens were coveted and disputed during the territorial period of Oklahoma's history.
Date: Autumn 1995
Creator: Dye, Karen
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Reminiscences of a Range Rider

Description: Article details the experiences of James C. Henderson as a range rider during the establishment of Kay County and the Cherokee strip within Oklahoma. He wrote his manuscript documenting his life for his two young sons. Included in the article are experts from the manuscript.
Date: Winter 1925
Creator: Henderson, James C. & Thoburn, Joseph B.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The E. W. Marland Mansion and Estate

Description: Article describes the architecture and layout of Ernest Whitworth Marland's mansion, a luxurious testament to the financial empire the oil baron had built in early twentieth century Oklahoma. Denise Browning explains his rise to power as an oil company owner and businessman.
Date: Spring 1978
Creator: Browning, Denise
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Three Ring Circus: The Zack Miller-Tom Mix Lawsuits, 1929-1934

Description: Article describes the proceedings of a lawsuit filed by Zack Miller, one of the three brothers who ran the 101 Ranch Real Wild West Show, against Tom Mix, a cowboy actor who Miller had announced would perform in their show. Despite the contract talks they had been having, Mix had signed with Sells-Floto Circus instead.
Date: Spring 1980
Creator: Gossard, Wayne H., Jr.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Founding of Ponca City

Description: Article discusses the founding of Ponca City by the author's father, Burton Seymour Barnes, and the land run of 1893. Louis Seymour Barnes illustrates the growth of business in Ponca City and the order his father brought as mayor.
Date: Summer 1957
Creator: Barnes, Louis Seymour
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Prehistoric Chert Quarries in Kay County: A Report

Description: Article describes the results of excavations of chert, or flint, quarries in Kay County conducted by Otto F. Spring, whose report was prepared for publication by Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn in 1926. Spring discusses evidence of prehistoric village sites near these quarries.
Date: Spring 1966
Creator: Spring, Otto F.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Peerless Princess of the Best Country: The Early Years of Tonkawa

Description: Article describes the founding of the town of Tonkawa near the Tonkawa reservation and its agricultural and industrial growth. William P. Corbett touches on some of the key figures who helped make the town what it was, including the city founders, farmers, businessmen, and bankers.
Date: Winter 1984
Creator: Corbett, William P.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Three Sands: Experiences in an Early Oil Field

Description: Article describes the oil industry boom of the 1920s in the small town of Three Sands, including the layout of Three Sands Oil Field and the surrounding town. B. F. Conaghan provides first-hand insights based off of his own experience working in the oil industry at this time.
Date: Spring 1980
Creator: Conaghan, B. F.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 84, Number 3, Fall 2006

Description: Notes and Document section from Volume 84, Number 3, Fall 2006. It includes William D. Welge's "The Andrew J. Reynolds Collection, 1880–1888," which highlights the donation of ledger volumes of the records of A. J. Reynolds, an Indian trader of Anadarko, Indian Territory. It also includes Jim Gabbert's "Chilocco Indian Agricultural School, A National Register Historic District," which celebrates the inclusion of the Chilocco Indian Agricultural School to the National Register of Historic Places. more
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Welge, William D. & Gabbert, Jim
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Ferdinandina: First White Settlement in Oklahoma

Description: Article describes the establishment of the historical trading post "Ferdinandina" by French explorers and the American Indian groups who settled in the same area through exploration of accounts made by Claude du Tisné and Bénard de la Harpe. Leslie A. McRill compares these accounts to the excavation of village sites by Dr. Joseph B. Thoburn.
Date: Summer 1963
Creator: McRill, Leslie A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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