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Charles F. Colcord

Description: Article announces the death of the president of the Oklahoma Historical Society, Charles F. Colcord, and the times for his funeral services.
Date: Winter 1934
Creator: Oklahoma Historical Society
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Note and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 59, Number 1, Spring 1981

Description: Notes and Documents section from Volume 59, Number 1, Spring 1981. It includes a personal narrative written by Nettie DeMoss about her experiences growing up in Indian Territory. Norman Crowe, editor of the document, provides an introduction to the piece.
Date: Spring 1981
Creator: DeMoss, Nettie & Crowe, Norman
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

With Thoburn at Honey Creek

Description: Article provides a narrative of the archaeological expedition five University of Oklahoma students took with Joseph B. Thoburn to Honey Creek in remembrance of the professor. Elmer L. Fraker, one of the students, discusses their findings in Big Mouth Cavern and the humorous memories of the journey.
Date: Spring 1956
Creator: Fraker, Elmer L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Hildebrand's Mill Near Flint, Cherokee Nation

Description: Article narrates the history and construction surrounding Hildebrand's Mill which was operational during the 19th century as a lumber mill.
Date: Spring 1970
Creator: Littlefield, Daniel F., Jr. & Underhill, Lonnie E.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Lutheran Mission at Oaks, Oklahoma

Description: Article explores the history of the New Springplace mission at Oaks, Oklahoma, and the Danish Lutheran missionary who ran it for a time, Reverend Niels Laurids Nielsen. Jens Christian Kjaer provides biographical details about the man's life and his contribution to the creation of a public school system in the area.
Date: Spring 1950
Creator: Kjaer, Jens Christian
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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