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Mary Rice Greenfield: Pioneer Educator of Oklahoma Territory

Description: Article describes the life and career of Mary Rice Greenfield, a pioneer educator in Oklahoma who left a lasting impact on her students and community. Joyce Waggoner explores the details of this impact through reports, correspondence, and testimonies.
Date: Summer 1997
Creator: Waggoner, Joyce
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Dead Woman's Crossing: The Legacy of a Territorial Murder

Description: Article describes the events surrounding the murder of Katie DeWitt James in 1905, a crime which led to a bridge over Big Deer Creek being dubbed "Dead Woman's Crossing." Sue Woolf Brenner investigates the mysterious case and the questions still left unanswered that led to the creation of a local legend.
Date: Autumn 1982
Creator: Brenner, Sue Woolf
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"One Who Was Trusted": E. L. Mitchell of Western Oklahoma, Part Two

Description: Article describes the life and career of E. L. Mitchell, well-known newspaper editor, publisher, politician, and public speaker. In the second part of a two-part article, Paul F. Lambert provides details about the man's own views, particularly his Democratic political campaigns, and his impact on the community.
Date: Winter 2014
Creator: Lambert, Paul F.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Southwestern Normal School: The Founding of an Institution

Description: Article describes the planning, construction, and founding process of Southwestern Normal School in Weatherford, Oklahoma, as well as its growth, expansion, and eventual destruction.
Date: Winter 1976
Creator: Thomas, James H. & Hurt, Jeffry A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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