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Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 86, Number 4, Winter 2008-09

Description: Notes and Document section from Volume 86, Number 4, Winter 2008-09. It includes "The Meta Chestnutt Sager Collection," which highlights the Meta Chestnutt Collection held by the Oklahoma Historical Society Research Division that contains documents and items from the life of Meta Chestnutt Sager, who participated in the 1889 land run and then established El Meta Bond College in Silver City. It also includes "Lincoln's Legacy in Oklahoma" which celebrates the legacy of Abraham Lincoln as it rela… more
Date: Winter 2008
Creator: Wilson, Linda D.; Sias, Richard & Blackburn, Bob L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Unforgotten Trailblazer: Nancy O. Randolph Davis

Description: Article presents a biography of equal education and civil rights activist, Nancy O. Randolph Davis. In her roles as a student, a teacher, and a NAACP Youth Council Sponsor, Nancy O. Randolph Davis fought for equality for African American young people and made possible the advancement of Oklahoma's civil rights movement.
Date: Winter 2012
Creator: Pollard, Gloria J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Myrtle Archer McDougal: Leader of Oklahoma's "Timid Sisters"

Description: Article describes the life and career of Myrtle Archer McDougal, a suffragette and leader of over forty organizations supporting women's rights, democratic party politics, health reform, and world peace initiatives. McDougal was a community leader of Sapulpa, Oklahoma, and a passionate speaker who acted as a representative for the "timid sisters" of Oklahoma.
Date: Autumn 1982
Creator: Hoder-Salmon, Marilyn
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Note and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 59, Number 1, Spring 1981

Description: Notes and Documents section from Volume 59, Number 1, Spring 1981. It includes a personal narrative written by Nettie DeMoss about her experiences growing up in Indian Territory. Norman Crowe, editor of the document, provides an introduction to the piece.
Date: Spring 1981
Creator: DeMoss, Nettie & Crowe, Norman
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A Strong and Sturdy Vessel: A History of Bristow Junior College

Description: Article details the founding, faculty, students, and curriculum at Bristow Junior college from the years 1928-1951. As an important landmark in the Bristow Public Schools System, the school is remembered and appreciated.
Date: Summer 2005
Creator: Caudle, Letha
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Life and Society in Sapulpa

Description: Article describes the cultural and civic activities that went on in Sapulpa, Indian Territory in the late nineteenth century. Paul P. Jackson describes celebrations, events, social clubs, and various other organizations.
Date: Autumn 1965
Creator: Jackson, Pauline P.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Red Panic: The Drumright Telephone Operators' Strike of 1919

Description: Article details the events of the Drumright Telephone Operator's Strike, the resulting Red Scare, and the way the details were twisted and expanded out of proportion into a Bolshevik uprising in the wake of World War I. Michael Molina focuses on the influence of media in particular.
Date: Autumn 2013
Creator: Molina, Michael
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Creek Nation on the Eve of the Civil War

Description: Article details the life styles of the Creek people during the period between their relocation to Oklahoma and the start of the Civil War.
Date: Autumn 1974
Creator: DuChateau, Andre Paul
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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