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Early Days in Meers

Description: Article provides a person narrative by Iva Williams Allen about living in the town of Meers when it was first established. Allen describes the growth of the town, including the establishment of a local newspaper, churches, and community clubs and societies.
Date: Autumn 1954
Creator: Allen, Iva Williams
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Jake Hamon: "The Man Who Made Harding President"

Description: Article details the life and career of Jacob "Jake" Hamon, legendary Oklahoma oilman and politician. An ambitious, opportunistic man in search of a presidential cabinet appointment, Hamon used money and influence to manipulate the selection of Warren G. Harding as the Republican Party's nominee in 1920.
Date: Autumn 2009
Creator: Floyd, Larry C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Fort Sill, the Chiricahua Apaches, and the Government's Promise of Permanent Residence

Description: The Chiricahua Apaches spent nineteen years (1894-1913) as prisoners of war at Fort Sill in southwestern Oklahoma believing they had been promised permanent residency. This article addresses the rationale behind the government's decision to remove the Apaches from Fort Sill and explores the record to show why the Apaches and others believed they had been promised permanent residency there.
Date: Spring 2000
Creator: Haes, Brenda L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Bringing Back the Big Game: The Reintroduction of Elk to the Wichita Mountains

Description: Article explores the circumstances surrounding the decision to move starving Rocky Mountain elk from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to the Wichita Mountains National Forest and Game Preserve in southwestern Oklahoma in 1911, and the Progressive conservation ideals behind bringing the elk to Oklahoma.
Date: Autumn 2010
Creator: Pearce, Matthew Allen
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

From Termination to Self-Determination: Indian Health in Oklahoma, 1954-1980, Part 2

Description: The second part of this two-part article continues the evaluation of the problems in Indian healthcare and the campaign led by Senators Fred Harris and Dewey Bartlett to correct a record of neglect. The healthcare problem after 1970 was linked to a new federal policy of tribal self-determination.
Date: Spring 2008
Creator: Lowitt, Richard, 1922-2018
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Unforgotten Trailblazer: Nancy O. Randolph Davis

Description: Article presents a biography of equal education and civil rights activist, Nancy O. Randolph Davis. In her roles as a student, a teacher, and a NAACP Youth Council Sponsor, Nancy O. Randolph Davis fought for equality for African American young people and made possible the advancement of Oklahoma's civil rights movement.
Date: Winter 2012
Creator: Pollard, Gloria J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Fort Sill and the Birth of US Combat Aviation

Description: Article covers the history of Fort Sill as an aircraft, artillery unit, and observation balloon training center throughout both World War I and World War II, providing historical context for its importance in the field of military aviation.
Date: Spring 2019
Creator: Wikle, Thomas A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"Getting Our Equipment Soon - I Hope So Anyway": Camp Doniphan, Fort Sill, and American Artillery in World War I

Description: Article describes how Camp Doniphan on the Fort Sill Reservation functioned as a training center for American troops in World War I. Due the large influx of recruits and lack of supplies and equipment, the soldiers were underprepared for actual combat, and their difficulties are reflected in personal accounts.
Date: Spring 2017
Creator: Prince, Justin
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The "Come-As-You-Are" War: Fort Sill and the Persian Gulf Crisis of 1990-1991

Description: Article illustrates the resilience and quick adaption to rapid change Fort Sill employed during the Persian Gulf Crisis, mobilizing large groups of soldiers during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Demands for personnel, training, and equipment were high during this time, and Boyd L. Dastrup describes the situation at the army post.
Date: Summer 2005
Creator: Dastrup, Boyd L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Quanah Parker's Star House: A Comanche Home Along the White Man's Road

Description: Article describes the history of Star House and the influential Comanche leader, Quanah Parker, who established it. Larry C. Floyd provides background details of the difficult times Quanah Parker faced as a youth and his rise to become the shrewd businessman and political intermediary who entertained politicians, generals and wealthy cattlemen within his home.
Date: Summer 2012
Creator: Floyd, Larry C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A Refuge for the Longhorn

Description: Article describes the process of acquiring a herd of nearly extinct Longhorns for the Wichita National Forest and Game Preserve, beginning with the first purchase from a ranger from the preserve in 1910, Frank Rush.
Date: Spring 1984
Creator: ODell, Judy Kaye
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

River Rock Resort: Medicine Park's Landscape and Wichita Mountain Vernacular Architecture

Description: Article traces the history of the resort boom in the United States and particularly the history of the resort at Medicine Park. Peter J. McCormick examines the type of architecture prevalent in the area and investigates the stagnation of the resort as well as revitalization projects.
Date: Autumn 1997
Creator: McCormick, Peter J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Setbacks and Successes: Cameron University's Library, 1909-2000

Description: Article examines the Cameron library's policies for collections development, materials access, and constant improvement of buildings that helped this important regional institution reach full university status.
Date: Autumn 2007
Creator: Young, Sheridan Eleanor
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

General Sherman's Letter to His Son: A Visit to Fort Sill

Description: Article recounts a letter sent from General William Sherman to his son detailing the events that occurred at Fort Sill and his attitudes towards the American Indian population. General Sherman and his troops were sent to the fort as additional protection for frontiersmen against hostiles that lived in the area.
Date: Summer 1969
Creator: Merrill, James M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Death's First Visit to Old Faxon

Description: Article describes the tragedy of the first deaths that struck Faxon, Oklahoma, a frontier town initially called "Slogan" when it was established. Albert S. Gilles, Sr. provides personal recollections and recounts the tale of the burial.
Date: Autumn 1966
Creator: Gilles, Albert S., Sr.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Among the Plains Tribes in Oklahoma with Frederic Remington

Description: Article narrates Frederic Remington's adventures as he traveled throughout the west, sketching and painting what he saw while recording his journey in a journal. The article contains a narrative of his time visiting the Plains Indians.
Date: Winter 1974
Creator: Remingtron, Frederic & Franks, Kenny A. (Kenny Arthur), 1945-
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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