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"The Best Our Country Has To Offer": Peace Corps Training at the University of Oklahoma

Description: Article describes the Peace Corps training program in the 1960s-80s at the University of Oklahoma, which included language, technical, and cultural training. Experienced international trainer Richard H. Hancock relates stories from his own travels as well as those gained while working with the recruits at OU.
Date: Autumn 2002
Creator: Hancock, Richard H.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Sooner State Civil Liberties in Perilous Times, 1940-1941, Part 1: The Oklahoma Federation for Constitutional Rights

Description: The first part of this two-part article examines citizen action in Oklahoma initiated in the fall of 1940 by the creation of the Oklahoma Federation of Constitutional Rights to preserve and defend freedom of speech, which later faced investigation by the legislature.
Date: Winter 2006
Creator: Wiegand, Wayne A. & Wiegand, Shirley A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Money Matters: The Stamp Scrip Movement in Depression-Era Oklahoma

Description: Article expanding on the previous 2004 article on Oklahoma's reaction to the depression era banking crisis of early 1933. In this article, Gatch ties the origin of the scrip movement to the writings of Yale University's professor Irving Fisher and traces the implementation of scrip schemes in nearly three dozen Oklahoma towns and explains the reasons for scrip's early success and rapid demise.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Gatch, Loren C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Judge Royce H. Savage

Description: Article asserts that despite the controversy surrounding Judge Royce Savage's retirement from the Northern District Court, the judge's reputation for case management and dedication to pretrial conferences remains intact.
Date: Spring 2011
Creator: Kellough, William C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Laws Which have Governed Cleveland County

Description: Article chronicles the evolution of the legislative and judicial systems prevalent within Cleveland County during the 19th century.
Date: Winter 1974
Creator: Merrill, Maurice H.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 70, Number 1, Spring 1992

Description: Notes and Documents section from Volume 70, Number 1, Spring 1992. It includes an introduction to the Oscar Jacobson house, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places due to the efforts of a historical committee, the Oklahoma Historical Society, and Dr. Arrell Morgan Gibson, who wrote the letter included.
Date: Spring 1992
Creator: Gibson, Arrell M. & Whitney, Carol
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A Place of Coming Together: The Historic Jacobson House

Description: Article documents the life of Oscar Jacobson, an artist and world art historian who ran the School of Art at the University of Oklahoma. He was the first art authority to recognize Native American painting as fine art and introduced it to the international market. The article also details the efforts of the Jacobson House Committee in the 1980s to restore and preserve the house as a Native American Arts Center.
Date: Winter 2000
Creator: Whitney, Carol
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Reminiscences of a Redleg: An Oklahoma Artilleryman in the Korean War

Description: Article describes the experiences of the author, Denzil D. Garrison, during his service in the Forty-fifth Infantry Division during the Korean War. Garrison provides historical context and also recounts personal stories, which vary from humorous to death-defying.
Date: Winter 2001
Creator: Garrison, Denzil D.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Botanical Itineraries of A. H. Van Vleet

Description: Article describes the life and career of pioneer botanist, collector, and curator Dr. Albert Heald Van Fleet and his contributions to his fields. George J. Goodman and Cheryl A. Lawson explore his legacy through the collecting trips he took as a part of the University of Oklahoma faculty.
Date: Autumn 1978
Creator: Goodman, George J. & Lawson, Cheryl A.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Education for Successful Living: University School at the University of Oklahoma, 1917-1973

Description: Article discusses the University School at the University of Oklahoma as a model of progressive education. Ellsworth Collings founded University School in 1917, a junior high and later high school. For fifty-six years it was to be a nexus of experimentation, observation, and practice exemplifying the ideals of Progressive education.
Date: Spring 2007
Creator: Mackie, Steven Wade
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

William Meredith Cunningham: An Oklahoma Proletariat Novelist

Description: Article presents a biography of William Cunnigham and reveals the ways in which his novels, poetry, and other writings championed the industrial-agricultural working class of his native state of Oklahoma.
Date: Autumn 2008
Creator: O'Dell, Larry
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Rise and Fall of Edwin ("Daddy") DeBarr

Description: This article uses the life of Edwin DeBarr, one of the founding faculty members of the University of Oklahoma, to show the change in social, political, and racial attitudes over time at the university, ultimately leading to the removal of DeBarr's name from the Chemistry Building.
Date: Autumn 2010
Creator: Levy, David W.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Social Gospel of Nicholas Comfort

Description: Article provides a biographical portrait of the life and philosophy of Nick Comfort, Presbyterian minister and Dean of the Oklahoma School of Religion. Comfort gained a divided reputation in the early 1900s due to his viewpoints, which included his anti-militaristic stance, support for the civil liberties of minority groups, and concern for economic inequality.
Date: Winter 1983
Creator: Cottrell, Bob
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A Study of Public Opinion on Desegregation in Oklahoma Higher Education

Description: Article chronicles the public's opinions and reactions to desegregation throughout Oklahoma by analyzing editorials and newspapers published during three major Supreme Court Cases: Sipuel v. Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma, McLaurin V. Oklahoma Stage Regents, and Brown v. Board of Education.
Date: Autumn 1969
Creator: Celarier, Michelle
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"Practically a Military School": The University of Oklahoma and World War I

Description: Article detailing the University of Oklahoma's reaction and response to the declaration of World War I in 1917. This includes the University of Oklahoma's administration, faculty, and students' actions to support the war effort. The revamped campus included barracks and military-training facilities. A Student Army Training Corps, precursor to ROTC, was born, and numerous students and faculty entered the armed services.
Date: Summer 2006
Creator: Levy, David W.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Bizzell and Brandt: Pioneers in Indian Studies, 1929-1937

Description: Article describes the efforts of Joseph Brandt, editor of the University of Oklahoma Press, and University of Oklahoma President William Bizzell, to create an Indian Studies Program at the University of Oklahoma in the 1920s and 1930s. Though unsuccessful, their venture laid the foundation for future forays into related programs across the U.S.
Date: Summer 1988
Creator: Crum, Steven J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Maurice Halperin: From Sooner Subversive to Soviet Spy

Description: Article chronicles the investigation into Maurice Halperin and other suspected Communist spies, and the eventual release of information proving Halperin's guilt.
Date: Summer 2018
Creator: Brewer, Landry
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Perceptions of a Union: Labor Relations at OU Press

Description: Article describes the establishment of the University of Oklahoma Press, their unionization efforts, and bargaining with university administrators for benefits. Cynthia J. Wolff provides historical context for the attitudes towards unions during the mid-twentieth century.
Date: Autumn 1990
Creator: Wolff, Cynthia J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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