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Shipwrecked in Oklahoma: The Last Voyage of the Steamboat Heroine, 1838

Description: Article explores the history of the steamboat Heroine's last voyage based on the archeological evidence left behind. The Heroine was shipwrecked on the Red River while on a voyage to deliver supplies to Fort Towson in Indian Territory.
Date: Autumn 2013
Creator: Crisman, Kevin; Chick, Nina & Davis, John
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

D. R. Miller: A Man Who Brought the Circus to Town

Description: Article describes the life and career of D. R. Miller, successful circus owner and famous showman. Juliana Nykolaiszyn and Tanya Finchum explore the details of his upbringing, the growth of his circus, the partnerships he formed, and the difficulties he faced.
Date: Winter 2013
Creator: Nykolaiszyn, Juliana & Finchum, Tanya
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Choctaw Chief's House: Oral Tradition and Historical Inaccuracies

Description: Article introduces credible witness reports and documentary evidence, including construction specifications, to support the conclusion that Choctaw Chief Thomas LeFlore's house near Wheelock Mission was the structure built according to the 1830 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, rather than the house located near Swink, Oklahoma.
Date: Winter 2003
Creator: Coleman, Louis
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents, Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 97, Number 3, Fall 2019

Description: Notes and Documents section from Volume 97, Number 3, Fall 2019. It includes John Truden's "The Great Southeastern Oklahoma Elephant Hunt," a short document describing the efforts to recapture two Asian elephants that escaped from the Carson and Barnes Circus near Hugo, Oklahoma, in July of 1975.
Date: Autumn 2019
Creator: Truden, John
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Sobering News: Choctaw Temperance Reporting and Civic Journalism

Description: This article compares modern "civic journalism" with its nineteenth-century counterpart by examining editorial positions on the temperance movement as printed in the pages of the Choctaw Telegraph and the Choctaw Intelligencer. The two journals campaigned against alcohol in the Choctaw Nation.
Date: Autumn 2006
Creator: Mize, Richard
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Spencer Academy, Choctaw Nation, 1842-1900

Description: Article describes the need for and establishment of Spencer Academy in the Choctaw Nation. W. David Baird explores the leadership behind the institution, its religious connections, events during the Civil War, and the rebuilding of the academy after it burned down.
Date: Spring 1967
Creator: Baird, W. David
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Two Letters from Pine Ridge Mission

Description: Article explains the history of the Pine Ridge Mission School through two letters written to Eliza Wright, the wife of the school's founder.
Date: Summer 1972
Creator: Hunt, Elizabeth H.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

"Yakni Achukma, The School with a Soul": A History of the Goodland Indian Orphanage

Description: Article describes the founding and history of Goodland Indian Orphanage, one of the few mid-nineteenth century schools for Native American children that promoted inclusion of their culture and language along with assimilation initiatives. Ruby Wile includes personal recollections of the LaCroix family, four Choctaw children who lived at the Presbyterian institution.
Date: Winter 2002
Creator: Wile, Ruby
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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