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The Ardmore Tragedy: Local History on an International Level

Description: Article chronicles the media storm of misinformation that followed the shooting of three college student in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The students were parked on the side of the road when two plain clothes policemen pulled over to apprehend them for public urinating. The ensuing scuffle left two of the students dead, one of which was related to Pascual Ortis Rubio, the president of the Republic of Mexico.
Date: Summer 1973
Creator: Hoffman, Abraham
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Jake Hamon: "The Man Who Made Harding President"

Description: Article details the life and career of Jacob "Jake" Hamon, legendary Oklahoma oilman and politician. An ambitious, opportunistic man in search of a presidential cabinet appointment, Hamon used money and influence to manipulate the selection of Warren G. Harding as the Republican Party's nominee in 1920.
Date: Autumn 2009
Creator: Floyd, Larry C.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Young Ardmore

Description: Article describes the growth and development of Ardmore, Oklahoma. Julia K. Sparger discusses the tribes the originally occupied the area, ranching in Ardmore, the introduction of railroads, and the oil industry there.
Date: Winter 1965
Creator: Sparger, Julia K.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Pioneer Spirit: The Centennial History of Ardmore

Description: Article describes the growth and development of the town of Ardmore in a centennial tribute. From its beginnings in Indian Territory, to the bustling industry that came with the development of oil refineries, to the setbacks of the Great Depression, Mac McGalliard provides a portrait of the historical town and its pioneering citizens.
Date: Spring 1987
Creator: McGalliard, Mac
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Ragtown: Wirt, Oklahoma, and the Healdton Boom

Description: Article describes the growth and subsequent problems of the Oklahoma oil-boom town of Wirt in Carter County, also known as Ragtown. Emerging overnight as the center of the Healdton Field, Ragtown provided shelter and work for hundreds of assorted oil-field characters.
Date: Spring 2009
Creator: Freeman, Elizabeth F.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

On the Gallows' Edge: Capital Punishment, Appeals, and Presidential Clemency in Indian Territory, 1896-1907

Description: This article continues Von Creel's study of the administration of justice in Indian Territory courts and expands upon the application of capital punishment. Von Creel details the cases of nine individuals who were convicted of capital crimes but who escaped hanging. Their stories involve the complicated legal processes of appeal, application for presidential clemency, commutation of sentence, and post-verdict motions.
Date: Summer 2006
Creator: Creel, Von Russell
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Joseph Carden's "Most Perfect" Church

Description: Article depicts the design and construction of St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Ardmore, Oklahoma in the late nineteenth century. Sally M. Gray focuses on the vision Reverend Joseph Carden had for this church and the plans that led to its construction.
Date: Spring 1981
Creator: Gray, Sally M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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