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J. A. Webb: Early-Day Cotton Breeder from Union City, Oklahoma

Description: Article recounts the talented amateur agronomist J. A. Webb's diligent work to perfect a better variety of cotton, which he marketed as Webb's Purple cotton seed beginning in 1933.
Date: Winter 2006
Creator: Albers-Nelson, M. Rene & Verhalen, Laval M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Pursuit of Dull Knife from Fort Reno in 1878-1879

Description: Article chronicles the pursuit of Northern Cheyenne people who fled Fort Reno for their homelands in the Dakotas. The people were relocated to Fort Reno after the Red River War, but soon fell ill with disease and homesickness. The pursuit resulted in the creation of additional military forts inside of Oklahoma Territory.
Date: Summer 1968
Creator: Wright, Peter M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Founding of El Reno

Description: Article discusses the establishment of the town of El Reno, Oklahoma, its founder John A. Foreman, homestead law in the area, and county seat elections. Berlin B. Chapman includes excerpts of documentation from the time to construct a clearer picture of the townsite and the legalities surrounding its settlement.
Date: Spring 1956
Creator: Chapman, Berlin B.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Notes and Documents [Summer 1980]

Description: Notes and Documents column for Summer 1980, including a notice about the Edna May Armold Archives Room at the El Reno Carnegie Library, as well as a record of the mining disaster that occurred at Krebs Mine No. 11 in the form of a poem and a list of names of those killed.
Date: Summer 1980
Creator: Armold, Edna May & Snodgrass, Martha
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Augustus Spencer Newton, Founder of Yukon

Description: Article discusses the life of the author's father, Augustus Newton Spencer, a railroad contractor and cattleman who founded Yukon, Oklahoma. Mary Spencer Whitlow includes stories from her own memory as well as the growth and development of the town.
Date: Winter 1964
Creator: Whitlow, Mary Spencer
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Military Duty on the Western Frontier

Description: Article illustrates the life of Colonel Edwin P. Pendleton during his time serving in Fort Reno. The article is a diary entry of the colonel while he interacts with the American Indians living in the surrounding areas and trains with his fellow soldiers.
Date: Summer 1969
Creator: Shirk, George H.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Ending of a Cheyenne Legend

Description: Article describes the events and damage of the Geary storm, a series of tornadoes that swept Geary, Oklahoma in 1961. Chrystabel Berrong Poteet describes the Cheyenne legend of this area and posits that the storm effectually ended it.
Date: Spring 1963
Creator: Poteet, Chrystabel Berrong
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Afrika Korps in Oklahoma: Fort Reno's Prison of War Compound

Description: Article details the creation of prisoner of war camps at Fort Reno and how the United States worked to treat the prisoners brought there with enough respect to honor the Geneva Convention. The prisoners were used as workers in the farming and manufacturing industry to help with the war efforts.
Date: Autumn 1974
Creator: Wilson, Terry Paul
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Cheyenne Transporter

Description: Article chronicles the history of The Cheyenne Transporter, a newspaper active in Indian Territory. The newspaper supplied safe travel routes and recommendations for the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians living in the area along with religious news articles and notices regarding livestock.
Date: Summer 1968
Creator: Bass, Althea
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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