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Wichita-Kiowa Relations and the 1874 Outbreak

Description: Article discusses the ethnocentrism that can occur between feuding tribes through the example of Outbreak of 1874, an uprising of Kiowas, and its recounting by an elderly Wichita woman. Karl Schmitt examines the old prejudices that still seem to exist between the two tribes, and whether or not these biases distort the telling of events.
Date: Summer 1950
Creator: Schmitt, Karl
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Early Days of Anadarko

Description: Article traces the history of the city of Anadarko, which grew out of the Wichita Agency and attracted numerous religious denominations, who built churches and schools there. Sara Brown Mitchell describes the town in its early days and its people.
Date: Winter 1950
Creator: Mitchell, Sara Brown
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

An Autobiography

Description: Article provides an autobiography of the life of pioneer teacher Anna R. Fait in her work teaching a school for white children in what is now Caddo County. Fait also includes stories of her experience with the Comanches, and of her husband who was a Presbyterian missionary.
Date: Summer 1954
Creator: Fait, Anna R.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

From Termination to Self-Determination: Indian Health in Oklahoma, 1954-1980, Part 2

Description: The second part of this two-part article continues the evaluation of the problems in Indian healthcare and the campaign led by Senators Fred Harris and Dewey Bartlett to correct a record of neglect. The healthcare problem after 1970 was linked to a new federal policy of tribal self-determination.
Date: Spring 2008
Creator: Lowitt, Richard, 1922-2018
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Fort Cobb--Prairie Town

Description: Article describes the growth and development of the Fort Cobb, the prairie town that took the place of the old military post. Vera Zumwalt Holding recalls the establishment of local businesses, schools, churches, town events, and personal memories of her hometown.
Date: Spring 1956
Creator: Holding, Vera Zumwalt
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A History of Fort Cobb

Description: Article describes the history of Fort Cobb, from its establishment for the protection of the Wichita Agency, to its status as a Confederate base during the Civil War, to its military use by the United States Cavalry during wars with the surrounding tribes along the Washita River.
Date: Spring 1956
Creator: Wright, Muriel H. (Muriel Hazel), 1889-1975
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Bridgeport by the Canadian

Description: Article discusses the history, growth, and development of the town of Bridgeport on the Canadian River. Chrystobel Berrong Poteet describes the industries that gave birth to its location, the transportation methods used to cross the river, and the businesses established in the area.
Date: Summer 1961
Creator: Poteet, Chrystabel Berrong
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Lieutenant George N. Bascom at Apache Pass, 1861

Description: Article attempts to paint an accurate picture of Second Lieutenant George Nicholas Bascom, who is mocked by historians for causing a long war between the United States and the Apache. Bascom was charged with capturing a young boy and stolen cattle from the Apache which turned into a bloody altercation after a misunderstanding between him and Chief Cochise.
Date: Spring 1973
Creator: Schoenberger, Dale T.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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