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Anatomy of an Oklahoma Lynching: Bryan County, August 12-13, 1911

Description: Article provides details surrounding the lynching of John Lee, a black man who attacked and killed a woman alone with her children near Durant, Oklahoma in 1911. Lowell Blaisdell describes the history of racial violence in the area, including other lynching incidents, and the circulation of rumors and paranoia that went hand-in-hand with the attitudes of the era.
Date: Autumn 2001
Creator: Blaisdell, Lowell L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The First Lady of Education: Oklahoman Kate Galt Zaneis

Description: Article provides a biographical tribute to Kate Galt Zaneis, the first woman in the country as well as the state of Oklahoma to become president of a state institution of higher learning. James C. Milligan and L. David Norris describe her career as well as the many changes she instituted at Southeastern State Teachers College in Durant during the 1930s.
Date: Autumn 1993
Creator: Milligan, James C. & Norris, L. David
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Where is Mainstreet? The Commercial Landscape of Four Oklahoma Small Towns

Description: Article examines the decline of services in small-town Oklahoma using results of a study of four commercial centers: Caddo, Wapanucka, Calera, and Bromide. Brian L. Schulz introduces some programs that may help revitalize these rural areas.
Date: Spring 1993
Creator: Schulz, Brian L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The McKinney Name is Honored

Description: Article traces the history of the McKinney name and the construction of the Normal School at Durant, Oklahoma. Mary M. Frye highlights the lives of the influential McKinneys who impacted the history of the Normal school, which became Southeastern State College in 1951 and is now Southeastern Oklahoma State University.
Date: Autumn 1951
Creator: Frye, Mary M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

William Elbert Utterback

Description: Article provides a biographical tribute to lawyer and banker William Elbert Utterback. Charles Evans describes his upbringing and education in Mississippi, experience in the United States Army, and involvement in the community and business in the Durant region of Oklahoma.
Date: Winter 1953
Creator: Evans, Charles
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Robert Lee Williams as I Knew Him

Description: Article provides a transcript of the address given by Baxtor Taylor at the dedication of the monument to Robert L. Williams. Taylor provides his personal perspective on the life of the judge and discusses his own experience as a newspaper editor in Atoka reporting on the Constitutional Convention Williams attended.
Date: Winter 1953
Creator: Taylor, Baxter
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

On the Gallows' Edge: Capital Punishment, Appeals, and Presidential Clemency in Indian Territory, 1896-1907

Description: This article continues Von Creel's study of the administration of justice in Indian Territory courts and expands upon the application of capital punishment. Von Creel details the cases of nine individuals who were convicted of capital crimes but who escaped hanging. Their stories involve the complicated legal processes of appeal, application for presidential clemency, commutation of sentence, and post-verdict motions.
Date: Summer 2006
Creator: Creel, Von Russell
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Golden Age of Bloomfield Academy in the Chickasaw Nation

Description: Article chronicles the history of Bloomfield Academy, an all-female mission school within the Chickasaw District of Indian Territory. Included within the article is an appendix focused on the closing exercises of the seminary in 1904.
Date: Winter 1971
Creator: Mitchell, Irene B. & Renken, Ida Belle
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Marking the Butterfield: Retracing the Indian Territory Segment of the 1858-61 Butterfield Overland Mail Stagecoach Road

Description: In 2018 the National Park Service recommended that the Butterfield Overland Mail Stagecoach Road be designated a National Historic Trail. Sixty years earlier, OHS staff marked this important trade and transit route with historical markers. This article retraces the road, describing the landmarks as they appeared on the 1958 trek as well as their present conditions.
Date: Spring 2019
Creator: Dragoo, Susan Penn
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

One Succeeded, One Did Not: Bacone College and the Oklahoma Presbyterian College, 1910-80

Description: Article explores the success and failure of two American Indian institutions of higher education; Bacone College and Oklahoma Presbyterian College. While Bacone still serves students in the twenty-first century, Oklahoma Presbyterian closed in the 1960s. This article identifies the reasons why Bacone survived, and Oklahoma Presbyterian College did not.
Date: Spring 2013
Creator: Crum, Steven J.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Fort McCulloch

Description: Article chronicles the military activities that took place in and around Fort McCulloch, a Confederate fort within Oklahoma. This article pays close attention to the actions of General Albert Pike, commander of all the military forces of the Confederacy within the Indian Territory.
Date: Autumn 1926
Creator: Morrison, W. B.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Fort Washita

Description: Article chronicles the establishment and history of Fort Washita, a military fort established by the United States government to protect members of the Chickasaw tribes from other invading tribes.
Date: Summer 1927
Creator: Morrison, W. B.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Chickasaw Courts

Description: Article details the history the Panola County Court House, a court building that has undergone many name changes and relocations.
Date: Winter 1927
Creator: Mashburn, John H.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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