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John F. Brown, Jr.

Description: Photograph of young boy standing with legs wide apart, holding a stickball stick in each hand, feather in hair, three horizontal stripes of paint on each cheek, loin-cloth and neck cloth. Boy is identified as John F. Brown, Jr.(son of Lewis Carl Brown and Golda Donaghey), born August 27, 1921; grandson of Governor John Frippo Brown (1842 - 1919)- the last principal chief of the Seminole Nation before Oklahoma Statehood and the great-grandson of Chief John Jumper (1820 - 1896), also grand-nephew of Alice Brown Davis, first woman chief of the Seminole Nation. John F. Brown, Jr. enlisted as a member of the Oklahoma National Guard in 1938, served in the 45th Division, and enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1940. Sergeant Brown died in action in Sicilia, Italy, July12,1943; received the Order of the Purple Heart (See Oklahoma War Memorial WWII, Part III, page 147).
Date: 1925~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society