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Palace Livery Feed and Boarding Stable Okeene

Description: Photograph taken from Facebook, "You Know You're from Okeene If..." courtesy of June Griffy: Taken in Okeene, OK appx 1901. The boy in the picture is her grandfather, Orien Clester, who appears to be around six years old. He was born in 1895. The stagecoach driver is a Bedwell. The boarding stable was located either the corner of 5th and E Streets (location of Post Office 2022) or across the street as the Clesters owned both properties at one time. My Great Grandfather S E Clester owned the sta… more
Date: 1901
Partner: Okeene Historical Preservation Group

Martz Family

Description: Photograph of D.J. Martz and sons, L-R, D.J., Warren, Lew, Clyde, Walter, Carence, A.C, a son, Merida, a lawyer, died of blood poisoning in 1910, numbered 9952.
Date: 1900
Partner: Okeene Historical Preservation Group
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