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Hotel at Minco

Description: Photograph of Miss Meta Chestnutt, Mrs. W.J Irwin, Grace Irwin, Jim Tuttle, Mary Irwin, Wilma Irwin, Claude Irwin, Henry Johnson, Jim McCampbell, Lion Bingham, J.D. Suggs, Web Hendrich, and J.W. Harris on the porch of the hotel in Minco, Indian Territory on JUly 23, 1890.
Date: July 23, 1890
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

3rd Chickasaw Council House

Description: Photograph of a large group standing in front of a building that has served as the 3rd Council House for the Chickasaw Indians, First Normal School held in Oklahoma, the Old Chickasaw Capitol, Chickasaw National Summer Normal, in Tishomingo, Indian Territory. July 7-August 1, 1902.
Date: 1902-07-07/1902-08-01
Creator: Goodman
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Coeur D'Alene Hotel

Description: Photograph of a post card of the Coeur D'Alene Hotel, home of the singing waiters, in Spokane, WA. 6A-H1094 Printed by Curteich, Chicago, IL, August 4, 1941. Halftone Print.
Date: August 4, 1941
Creator: Curteich
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Pioneer School

Description: Photograph of LtoR Front Row: 1-10 UNID, Mary Irwin. Middle: 1-3 UNID, T. B. Larrimore, R.W. Officer, Wilma Irwin, UNID. Back: W.J. Irwin, 2-4 UNID, Meta Chestnutt, UNID, Grace Irwin, 8-10 UNID. At the night of Ben Johnson's speech, which was the Pioneer School's first public program on May 31, 1890.
Date: 1890~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Erie Merchant

Description: Photograph of Erie Merchant, later Mrs. Will Tuttle, wearing an Indian war bonnet, which was sent to the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, IL. The bonnet was not returned from the Fair.
Date: 1893~
Creator: Scribner, C. L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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