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Round Grove

Description: Photograph of “Round Grove - Capitol Site" later Stiles Park, Guthrie, OK. "According to the New York Times, General James Weaver and William Couch arrived at Oklahoma Station on March 20, 1889. A photographer followed them in a tour. In 1885 William Couch chose this as a suitable site for the Capital of Oklahoma.
Date: 1889~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Oklahoma Station

Description: Photograph of Cheyenne-Arapaho Indians with Hon. John D. Miles, Comm. Ex-Governor Crawford, KS, G. M. Reynolds, Counsel, J. P. Henderson, Counsel, Reuben Taylor, second from the right, G. A. Beidler and Chase Beidler near door, Beidler brothers, front row left, May 24, 1889.
Date: May 24, 1889
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Chuck Wagon

Description: Photograph of a Chuck Wagon with the caption, "Mealtime at the Chuck Wagon; Note the Youngster in the crew, second from the right (Forbes)." Copy from Homesteaders Move West.
Date: unknown
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Sophomore Class of Choctaw, OK

Description: Photograph of the Sophomore Class of Choctaw, OK. Front: 1. Juanita Housh, 2. Addie Rachels, 3. Mable, White, 4. Julia Herskell, 5. Geneva Marlow, Middle: 1. George Wilder, 2. Laura Mae Gates, 3. Vinnie Anderson, 4. Elvin Couch, Back: 1. Joe Eaker, 2. Tom Jacobs, 3. Miss Wells, Sponsor, 4. Clyde Hammon, c.1922-1923.
Date: 1922~/1923~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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