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Boley, OK

Description: Photograph of a post card of the east end of Ft. S. & W. Railroad Yards, showing part of the main line and three side tracks, Boley, OK, postmarked July 19, 1917.
Date: July 19, 1917
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Caddo County Chapter

Description: Photograph of the Anadarko-Caddo County Chapter of the American Red Cross with soldiers of Caddo County. At the front left is Fire Chief Mr. Charles Stamps and Mrs. William Ma Li Can. All the rest in the photograph are UNIDENTIFIED.
Date: 1917/1919~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Crisp Family

Description: Photograph of L to R: Andrew Jackson Crisp, Russell Crisp, Sturley Crisp, Rollie Crisp, Egypsi Crawford Crisp, Arletha Crisp (Infant), Loretha Bruce Crisp, Style Crisp, Melvin Bradford (A Nephew), c. 1917-18. Elnora Dotson Collection.
Date: 1917~/1918~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[DeVries Family Portrait]

Description: Photo of a family that numbers in five. The parents are in the first row and the children in the rear. Backside of photo container handwriting: "Mr. John Dalvries, age 5-6 Mrs. Catherine " " 48 Mrs. Ella Saddoris " 21 " Delia Gotchall " 19 Mr. Wilson Daevries " 13 Taken 13tg of Dec 1917 21 13 19"
Date: March 5, 1917
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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