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President Truman

Description: Photograph of L to R: 1. W. W. Short, 2. Earl Welch, 3. Dan M. Madrano, 4. President Harry S. Truman, 5. Paul Stewart, 6. W. G. Stigler, 7. Ben Dwight, Choctaw; 9. Floyd Maytubby, Chickasaw; 10. N. B. Johnson, Cherokee. Photo by Press Association, Inc.
Date: unknown
Creator: Press Association, Inc.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

School Land Department

Description: Photograph of School Land Department members. L to R: 1-8. UNIDENTIFIED, 2nd Row: 1-2. UNIDENTIFIED 3. William A. Durant, Choctaw; 4-7. UNIDENTIFIED at the Oklahoma State Capitol Building, Oklahoma City, OK, c. 1928-1929. View Includes : Geo.E. Muritt ( ? ) , Ruth Queenan, Ana Mae Dickson, M. Greer, Dona Coleman, G.___Cain, W. P. Payne, Hazil Bennett, D. D. Bayless, Bertha Cunningham, Novell Mccraken, Lottie Cagle, D. H. Austin, L. May Smith, Joe Atweter, Rena R. Williams, Esther Anderson, Cliff Barefoot, Lucille Rutherford, Isabelle Cleary, J. B. Clarke, John L. Mitch, W. H. Tillotson, Manford Atop, J. H. Sutherlin, H. Carpenter, Lottie Blizzard, Scott Stone, N. B. Roach, Callie Patterson, Jess Kuidel, Mildred Mitchell, Mary Gorman, Doris Sparks.
Date: 1928~/1929~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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