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Kanuchi Block and Pestle

Description: Photograph on a postcard of "The Cherokee Kanuchi Block" being used by two women. The Kanuchi block is a mortar and pestle utensil for pounding dried corn used by tribes native to Eastern United States.
Date: unknown
Creator: JPI Photo Enterprise
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society


Description: Photograph on a postcard of a man, woman, and three kids on a Muskogee Gas & Electric Company buggy drawn by a horse during the 1900s.
Date: 190X
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Sallisaw Cotton Gin

Description: Postcard labeled at the bottom as "One of the Five Cotton Gins, Sallisaw, Okla." In the image, a man in a small horse-drawn wagon is on the dirt road leading to a building behind him; a number of wagons are parked in the yard outside, many with animals hitched to them.
Date: 190X
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Foreman's Ford, Sallisaw, OK

Description: Photograph of P.T. & T Picnic - Foreman's Ford in Sallisaw, Oklahoma on 17 July 1910. The following people are in the picture: 1) Ruth [...], 2) Miss Leah, 3) Miss Grace, 4) Mr. Slainer, 5) Adda Jinkins, 6) Mr. Planto, 7) Mrs. Planto, 8) Addie Henderson, 9) Frank Rosson, 10) Jennie Scruggs, 11) H. Ashbrook, 12) Mr. Billingsby, 13) Mrs. Billingsby
Date: July 17, 1910
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Pioneer Telephone

Description: Photograph of Hutchason Crew Pioneer Telephone Company of Sallisaw, Oklahoma posing in a line next to a giant spindle of wire (right) and a wagon pulled by a pair of horses (left). Text on the bottom of the photo says, "Hutchason Crew, Pioneer Telephone Co. Sallisaw, Okla, October 25th, 1910."
Date: October 25, 1910
Creator: Wallace
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Webber Falls

Description: Photograph of W.C. Ashbrook, W.H. Johnson, and Lester Rummel restoring Sewill over the Arkansas River as Webber Falls with the Meg A Steam ferry boat.
Date: 1912
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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