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Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce

Description: Photograph of the Directors of the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma City, OK. L to R: seated: 1. A. O. Workman, 2. Mr. Severens, 3. C. H. Russell, 4. Sidney J. Brock, 5. Mr. McKeand, 6. A. H. Classen. Standing 1. O. A. Mitscher, 2. Mr. Westfall, 3. Mr. Thompson, 4. UNIDENTIFIED, 5. J. H. Johnston, 6. Chas Bosworth, 7. B. Housel, 8. Weston Atwood, 9. William Mee, 10. T. H. Tidman, 11. Mr. Walker, 12. J. M. Owens.
Date: 1909/1914~
Creator: Watton and Wells Studio
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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