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Washington 3rd Grade Class

Description: Photograph of the Washington 3rd Grade Class taught by Miss Kimbrough, c. 1903. L to R: Top Row 1. Miss Kimbrough, 2. Annie, 3. Annie R., 4. Olive, 5. Dela, 6. Edna, 7. Marguete, 8. Georgie, 9. Venice, Second Row: 1. May, 2. Marie Bump, 3. Elnard, 4. Mamie, 5. Merle, 6. Alma, Third Row: 1. Albert, 2. Obery, 3. Theodore Norman, 4. Henry, 5. Chicken, 6. Charlie Fourth Row: Tommy, Jessie.
Date: 1903~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Marie Bump

Description: Photograph of the 6th or 7th grade class at McKinley, Oklahoma City, OK. Numbered students, 1. Louise Maupin, 2. Aaron Weitzenhoffer, 3. Howell Harrell, and 4. Marie Bump, c. 1907-1908.
Date: 1907~/1908~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Dorothy and Marie Bump

Description: Photograph of Dorothy and Marie Bump on the steps of the Bump Family home, 323 West 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK, c. 1907-1915. The home later became the site of the Red Cross.
Date: 1907~/1915~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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