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Description: Photograph of Matilda, an elderly Modoc. Photo by Joseph Andrew Shuck, Seneca, MO, c. 1901-1902.
Date: 1901~/1902~
Creator: Shuck, Joseph Andrew
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Tade Ford

Description: Photograph of a post card of the Tade Ford, a foot bridge at the Oklahoma Indian School that was later replaced with a concrete bridge in 1909, Wyandotte, OK, c.1910-1918.
Date: 1910~/1918~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Crater Lake

Description: Photograph of a water color paining by Lena Robitaille of Crater Lake in Oregon where Captain Jack Modoc Indian made his last stand, based on a picture from a magazine, c.1938. Lena wrote, "Winnie said if anyone gets in this lake they never get out of it..."
Date: 1938~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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