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John F. Brown, Jr.

Description: Photograph of young boy standing with legs wide apart, holding a stickball stick in each hand, feather in hair, three horizontal stripes of paint on each cheek, loin-cloth and neck cloth. Boy is identified as John F. Brown, Jr.(son of Lewis Carl Brown and Golda Donaghey), born August 27, 1921; grandson of Governor John Frippo Brown (1842 - 1919)- the last principal chief of the Seminole Nation before Oklahoma Statehood and the great-grandson of Chief John Jumper (1820 - 1896), also grand-nephew of Alice Brown Davis, first woman chief of the Seminole Nation. John F. Brown, Jr. enlisted as a member of the Oklahoma National Guard in 1938, served in the 45th Division, and enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1940. Sergeant Brown died in action in Sicilia, Italy, July12,1943; received the Order of the Purple Heart (See Oklahoma War Memorial WWII, Part III, page 147).
Date: 1925~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Pennington Grocery Company

Description: Photograph of Pennington Wholesale Grocery Company in Ardmore, Oklahoma in 1908. It is a photograph taken during daylight of a two-level brick and stone building with two horse-drawn carts and eleven men in front.
Date: 1909
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Ada Street Scene in the Early 1900s

Description: Photograph taken of street scene in Ada, Oklahoma. Wide street lined with people, carriages, buckboards, and horses. Farther down center of street appears to be an incident, possibly an accident, which is attracting onlookers. One-story and two-story business buildings line sides of street. One sign appears to read: "Doherty Bros., Dentist".
Date: unknown
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society