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[BASEMENT BOX 66.0191]

Description: Caption: "A 4-alarm fire this morning destroyed a warehouse operated by Public Supply Co., on NW 4 east of Klein." Firefighters using ladder to get to the roof of burning Public Supply Co.
Date: November 29, 1971
Creator: Wilson, Joe
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[BASEMENT BOX 66.0207]

Description: Photograph is of three firemen inside the remains of a structure that are still smoldering from a fire. The firemen are assessing the damage inside the structure. All that reamins upright is the fireplace and a wood frame. Photograph was taken during the day. Caption: "was the apparent cause of a fire that did an estimated $10,000 damage to this vacant house at 6001 E Memorial road Wednesday afternoon, fire officials said."
Date: February 10, 1971
Creator: Miller, Joe
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[Photograph 2012.201.B0053.0358]

Description: Photograph taken for a story in the Oklahoma Times newspaper. Caption: "An attempted at a quick lane switch sent this road material rig out of control this morning in the 2400 block SW 74 Expressway, police reported."
Date: October 12, 1971
Creator: Taylor, Robert
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[BASEMENT BOX 66.0204]

Description: Caption: "and fires, too, were these "pop bottle rockets' which caused an estimated $750 damage Friday to the roof of a home at 2941 NW 49." Bottle rockets in foreground and firefighters on roof of burning home in background.
Date: June 26, 1971
Creator: Aker, Joe
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[BASEMENT BOX 66.0158]

Description: Caption: "This mangled, charred truck caught fire following a tire blowout near SE 59 and I-35 about 6 a.m. today, creating a traffic tie-up that lasted three hours and affected countless work-bound motorists."
Date: July 15, 1971
Creator: Tapscott, George
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[BASEMENT BOX 66.0135]

Description: Caption: "Black smoke pours through roof of auto paint shop at 1142 N Robinson , below , and drifts across the city as shown in photo, right, taken from upper floor of OG&E Building at NW # and Harvey." Firetruck spraying water onto roof of burning auto paint shop.
Date: April 9, 1971
Creator: Miller, Joe
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[Photograph 2012.201.B0052.0854]

Description: Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "FIRST FATALITIES of the Memorial Day weekend in Oklahoma were recorded Saturday when two persons were killed and three injured in this multi-vehicle smashup southwest of Drumright on rain-slickened SH 99."
Date: May 30, 1971
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society