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Description: Photograph of Lawmen. 1. Ike Rogers, 2. Clint Searles, 3. US Deputy Marshal Bill Smith, 4. Zeke Crittinden, 5. Dick Crittinden, 6. Cherokee Bill Crawford Goldsby.
Date: unknown
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Last Reunion of Indian Territory Deputy United States Marshals

Description: Photograph of the last reunion of Indian Territory Deputy United States Marshals in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Left to right: Bob Fortune (African American), Henry Falconer, Ace Wade (on horse), Frank Bolen, Major J.T. Farr (on horse behind Bolen), Price McLaughlin, Ed Armor (on horse behind McLaughlin), Bill Taylor, John Malone, Jesse Jones, Lyde Rector, Billy Cauly, Ben Hackett (with the cane), Cal Whitson, Flex DeFlore (on horse), Henry Bernie (kneeling in front of wagon), Frank Anderson (on both knees), Joe Gramlich (on both knees), Jess Perry (man standing in wagon with rifle), B.B. Rogers (man in wagon with foot on the side), H.L. Rogers (man in wagon to the right of B.B. Rogers), Lige Fannin (man with whip in hand), William Ross, Joe Peters, John F. Priest (# 25 written at his feet), C.B. Rhodes (#26 written at his feet), unidentified man standing behind Priest and Rhodes, S.O. Harris (hand on his hip), Osborne ( man behind Harris, no first name, an attorney), J.K. Pemberton (man with pipe), Frank Parks (on horse), Dave Lee (man standing between horses), Tobe Pinson (on horse), Jim Cole (on horse), Jim Patty (standing with cane), Skimp Squire (Dr. Woodrow Hammend?), Sam Minor, and Sid Johnson.
Date: 1908
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Posse the Captured Ned Christie

Description: Studio photograph of men with rifles. In the front are Dave Rusk, Heck Bruner, Paden Colbert (Tolbert), Charles E. Copeland, and Captain Gideon S. White. Those standing in back are Wes Bauman, Abe Allen, John Tolbit, Bill Smith and Tom Johnson.
Date: 1905~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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