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reverse of TB0028

Description: handwritten "Home of EH Lookabaugh in the village of Watonga, OT, June 1899. Agnes, Lython, and Julia upstairs. Aygie and Father in the yard. Ira and "Little brother" in front. Harnes near corner"
Date: June 1, 1899
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[Photograph 20912.TO.W.1.11]

Description: group of people standing by snack cart in front of TS Mack's Store some identified l to r: (1) Mold Nixon, (2) Ezra Nixon, (3)?, (4) Ada Cory, (5) illegible, (6) Char Smack, (6) Etuis our dog, (7) Milk Smack, (8) Edna Nixon, (9) Orville Smack, (10) Delbert Henley, (11) Louis Nixon
Date: 1908~/1910~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Property Deed paperwork

Description: Paperwork and notice concerning State of Oklahoma County of Blaine sale of property of Ella Shaw and Robert Martin and published by Elva U. Ferguson in the Watonga Republican, "Paid in full"
Date: June 1, 1908
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Two men in a tent

Description: Black and white image of 2 men, 1 sitting and one standing. One man in uniform with a rifle sitting and another man standing in uniform in the tent. Reverse of postcard reads, "seated Walter S. Ferguson, standing is Dr. AL Edington, so of DB" post card addresses to Lieutenant Walter Ferguson, Watonga OK"
Date: September 9, 1908
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society