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Primary view of [Photograph 2012.201.B1140.0293]
unknown creator
July 2, 1963
Primary view of [Photograph 2012.201.B0424B.0300]
unknown creator
September 17, 1963
Primary view of [Photograph 2012.201.B1436.0646]
Associated Press
May 21, 1963
Primary view of [Photograph 2012.201.B0278.0202]
Associated Press
May 7, 1963
Primary view of [Photograph 2012.201.B0321.0567]
Associated Press
September 5, 1963
Primary view of [Photograph 2012.201.B0243.0072]
Associated Press
January 16, 1961
Primary view of [Photograph 2012.201.B0225.0559]
Associated Press
March 15, 1961
Primary view of [Photograph 2012.201.B0241.0006]
unknown creator
May 13, 1963