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Description: Photograph is of a baseball player jumping onto home plate while the catcher is in front of the plate waiting for the ball. Other team mates are behind the infield in the background cheering on their team mate crossing the home plate. Caption: "OSU's Mike Day leaps for the plate following a double by Pete Incaviglia."
Date: May 25, 1985
Creator: Hoke, Doug
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society


Description: Photograph is of a man wearing a button down shirt, jacket, and hat reaching into a metal container. Caption: "Coupling up the air between the engine and a box car, Daugherty was plenty busy acting as engineer and general handyman in the effort to rush the wheat to the Acme Flour Mills before spoilage started."
Date: May 25, 1946
Creator: Cobb, Rich
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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