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Description: Four men inspect the wreckage of a smoking jet in the middle of a field. The plane is in several pieces with smoke coming out of the engine area. Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "Highway patrolman George Baker and farmers inspect wreckage of jet that crashed."
Date: February 16, 1961
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[BASEMENT BOX 67.0313]

Description: Photograph is of a fireman on top of the open ladder off the fire pump truck spraying an open hose onto the roof of a burning brick building. Smoke is billowing out of the roof of the building. Two other firemen are holding hoses that are spraying into the broken windows into the multiple story structure from the ground.
Date: April 16, 1955
Creator: Ford, Ray
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[BASEMENT BOX 67.0323]

Description: Photograph is of three firemen holding various fire hoses aimed at the roof of a multiple story building in a business district. Debris, including burnt bricks are strewn across the sidewalk in front of the building. The roof, windows and front of building has begun to collapse. Photograph was taken in the night time. Caption: "Firemen battle this downtown Enid fire which Sunday destroyed or heavily damaged most of a business block."
Date: January 16, 1961
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society