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3" Cannon

Description: Photograph of a 3" Cannon used to shoot oil tanks when they caught fire. The oil drained into a dyke surrounding the tank and prevented the tank from boiling over.
Date: unknown
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

4-H Club Dairy and Poultry Judging

Description: Photograph of the 4-H Club Dairy and Poultry Judging by the judging school in Oklahoma County. The photo shows a group of black men outside and standing around a display of caged chickens. The photo was printed by MacArthur Co., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Date: 1932
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

4-H Members

Description: Photograph of first year 4-H members working on a clothing project, c. 1954. Part of the 1954 Annual Report of Extension Work Report of the Southern Plains Indian Agency Anadarko Area Office, Anadarko, OK.
Date: 1954~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

7 C Ranch

Description: Photograph of L to R: UNIDENTIFIED, JB Ely, Oldman Bly, John Leach, Tom Trash, Line Ruddeo, Bill Branson, Bob Deer, Jim Crane, Mrs. Ivy, Bill Ivy, Sam Jones, Dave McClure, Old War Horse, c. 1880-1885. Photo by Thomas M Concannon.
Date: 1880~/1885~
Creator: Concannon, Thomas M.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

14-acre Alfalfa Crop Ready for a Second Cutting on the Choska Drainage District

Description: Photograph of a 14-acre alfalfa crop ready for a second cutting on the Choska Drainage District. The back of the photograph proclaims, "Ready for second cutting as this 14–acre crop of alfalfa yielded two tons first cutting. Formerly too wet to be productive, field produced five tons of alfalfa in 1950 per acre. Drainage ditch on the right is just out of camera range. 18-acre field on other side of ditch that never produced anything before drainage yielded fifty bushels of corn in 1950. Other acres are also benefiting by drainage."
Date: July 12, 1951
Creator: Fox, Lester
Partner: Oklahoma Conservation Historical Society

30-Acres of Class VII Land Seeded By Airplane With No Seedbed Preparation on Earl Morris’ Farm

Description: Photograph of part of 30-acres of Class VII land seeded by airplane with no seedbed preparation on Earl Morris' farm. The back of the photograph proclaims, "30 acres seeded by airplane. No seedbed preparation. Class VII land. Terraces hadn't held it. Been out of cultivation one year. Seeded to weeping lovegrass in 1948 – no stand. Too rough to put tractor on."
Date: March 1949
Creator: Archer, S. G.
Partner: Oklahoma Conservation Historical Society
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