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Indian Leaders and Medical Officials

Description: Photograph of Indian Leaders and White Medical Officials who met in Guthrie, OK, in January 1908, for hearing to prove the difference between Peyote and Mescal Beans. L to R: Front Row: Tennyson Berry (Apache), Koday (Kiowa), Koon-Ka-Zahche Aka "Apache John" (Apache), Ott Wells (Comanche), Quanah Parker (Comanche), Ahpeatone (Kiowa), Paul George (?) (Cheyenne), & Standing Bird (Cheyenne). 2nd Row: 1. Leonard Tyler (Cheyenne), 4. Christopher Columbus "Bud" Choate, 7. Joseph Blackbear (Cheyenne), 8. Ned Brace (Kiowa). 3rd Row: 5. Edwin Theodore Sorrells, 6. W.H. Edley. Back Row: 5. William Durant.
Date: January 21, 1908
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society