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Home of William H. Ropp in Cimarron City

Description: Photograph of a log cabin with a team of bulls and people standing outside. The photograph is captioned "Home of William H. Ropp. 1889. Cimarron City, Payne County." Three people in the photograph are identified as "a neighbor's girl," Julia, and Lue Parks.
Date: 1889
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

F.S.E. Amos

Description: Photograph taken of F.S.E. Amos of Vinita, Indian Territory in 1904. He was an English and history professor and president of the Oklahoma Historical Society from 1895 to 1896.
Date: 1904~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Oklahoma City Street Fair

Description: Photograph of a scene at an Oklahoma City street fair between October 10 through 15 in 1898. Men stand near tables of produce with a banner above reading "Fruit in this Exhibit Grown in Oklahoma."
Date: October 10, 1898
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

E.S. Brouson

Description: Portrait photograph of E.S. Brouson with gray/white hair and mustache; dressed in striped suit (one button showing), hankie in pocket, vest, white shirt, tie with jewel stick pin
Date: 1905
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Texas Longhorn

Description: Photograph of a Texas Longhorn steer surrounded by men in suits with hats. Written on the photograph is "Weight 1700 Exhibited at Paris Exhibition 1900. Horns 9 ft, 7 in, from tip to tail largest in the world."
Date: 1900~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society