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48 Hours in Atoka

Description: Article describes the 48 Hours in Atoka concert that took place in 1975 and the impact this concert had on the local Atoka community.
Date: Spring 2013
Creator: Donovan-Wallis, Cindy
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

101 Ranch Wild West Show, 1904-1932

Description: Article describes the history of the wild west show at the Miller brothers' 101 Ranch and the performances that were a part of it. Barbara Williams Roth explains how their shows reflected the era, and some of the difficulties the Miller brothers faced in their business.
Date: Winter 1965
Creator: Roth, Barbara Williams
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The 1858 War Against the Comanches

Description: Article chronicles the challenges faced by Texas Rangers defending the Texas frontier from Comanche invasions during 1858.
Date: Summer 1971
Creator: Agnew, Brad
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The 1969 Oklahoma City Garbage Strike

Description: Article covers the Oklahoma City worker's strike in 1969 when sanitation workers, mostly African Americans, went on strike for higher wages and better working conditions. The article expounds on the reasons for the strike, the attention it received locally and nationally from African American politicians and organizations, and the results of the resolve of the strikers and their supporters.
Date: Winter 2010
Creator: Lowitt, Richard, 1922-2018
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Abraham Jefferson Seay, Governor of Oklahoma Territory, 1892-1893

Description: Article describes the life and career of Abraham Jefferson Seay, governor of Oklahoma Territory from 1892-1893. Highlights include the opening of Cheyenne and Arapaho lands and the establishment of Oklahoma State University.
Date: Spring 1975
Creator: Henslick, Harry E.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Across the Muddy Red

Description: Article illustrates the history of suspension bridges constructed on the Red River between Oklahoma and Texas. Environmental conditions threatened the stability of these bridges, but the industries in the area and transport needs led to continual attempts at creating a lasting structure.
Date: Winter 1983
Creator: Crockett, Bernice N.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Action on Chilocco Creek

Description: Article discusses the establishment of Camp Schofield on Chilocco Creek, reports from United States army officers and troop commanders, drills and field exercises, and a simulated battle between troops stationed there.
Date: Autumn 1958
Creator: Shirk, George H.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Ad Interim Report, September 5, 1950

Description: Ad Interim Report created on September 5, 1950 due to the annual meeting being passed over. This report includes a yearly update of details and information the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society may need for their next meeting.
Date: Autumn 1950
Creator: Oklahoma Historical Society
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Additional Letters of General Stand Watie

Description: Article adds additional context and letters to General Stand Watie's thoughts and experiences as an ally of the Confederacy during the Civil War, through his letters.
Date: Summer 1921
Creator: Dale, Edward Everett
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Administration of William C. Rogers, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation 1903-1907

Description: Article provides a biographical description of the life and leadership of William C. Rogers, principal chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1903 to 1907. Elzie Ronald Caywood explores the factionalism within the Cherokee Nation during this period, and the views and legislation advocated by the Downing (progressive) and National (conservative) parties.
Date: Spring 1952
Creator: Caywood, Elzie Ronald
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The African Lion: George Napier Perkins, Lawyer, Politician, Editor

Description: Article describes the life and career of George Napier Perkins, a lawyer, politician, and newspaper editor who advocated black quality in early territorial Oklahoma. Nudie E. Williams elaborates on his beliefs that Oklahoma held potential for a better future for black citizens of the U.S.
Date: Winter 1992
Creator: Williams, Nudie E.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Afrika Korps in Oklahoma: Fort Reno's Prison of War Compound

Description: Article details the creation of prisoner of war camps at Fort Reno and how the United States worked to treat the prisoners brought there with enough respect to honor the Geneva Convention. The prisoners were used as workers in the farming and manufacturing industry to help with the war efforts.
Date: Autumn 1974
Creator: Wilson, Terry Paul
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Agrarian Reform Press in Oklahoma, 1889-1922

Description: Article details the many farmers movements that took place throughout the Oklahoma Territory between 1889 and 1922.
Date: Spring 1972
Creator: Meredith, H. L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Agriculture in the Oklahoma Panhandle 1898-1942

Description: Article describes the history of agricultural activity in the Oklahoma Panhandle and some of the people groups that settled there. W David Baird includes details about historic buildings that contributed to agricultural development, such as granaries, barns, and ranches.
Date: Summer 1994
Creator: Baird, W. David
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Albert Andrew Exendine: Carlisle Coach and Teacher

Description: Article discusses the career and accomplishments of football coach Albert Andrew Exendine. John L. Johnson's interview with the man illustrates his contributions to football history and how his American Indian heritage factored into his experience.
Date: Autumn 1965
Creator: Johnson, John L.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Albert H. Ellis

Description: Article pays biographical tribute to Albert H. Ellis, homesteader and member of the Oklahoma territorial and state legislatures as well as a member of the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention. Angie Debo discusses his participation in the land run, settlement on the Cherokee Strip, and active role in local politics.
Date: Winter 1950
Creator: Debo, Angie
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Alexis Pierre Beatte

Description: Article describes the life of Alexis Pierre Beatte, a hunter, guide, and interpreter for Washington Irving's expedition into the western regions of North America and a representative of the Osage tribe. Arthur Shoemaker examines accounts of those who encountered Beatte and his mysterious origins.
Date: Summer 1967
Creator: Shoemaker, Arthur
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Alice Brown Davis: A Leader of Her People

Description: Article pays a biographical tribute to Alice Brown Davis, school superintendent, court interpreter, and later chief of her tribe, in her dedication and contributions to the Seminole Nation after their relocation to Oklahoma.
Date: Winter 1980
Creator: Waldowski, Paula
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

S. Alice Callahan: Author of Wynema a Child of the Forest

Description: Article describes the life and work of S. Alice Callahan, author of Wynema Child of the Forest and teacher at the Harrell Institute in Muscogee, Indian Territory. Carolyn Thomas Foreman explores the contents of the book, its titular individual, and includes excerpts of Callahan's work.
Date: Autumn 1955
Creator: Foreman, Carolyn Thomas, 1872-1967
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Alice Lee Elliott Memorial Academy: A School for Choctaw Freedmen

Description: Article explores the history of Oak Hill Industrial Academy (also known as Alice Lee Elliott Memorial Academy) one of the only schools that provided education to Choctaw freedmen and other black citizens in the area of Valliant, Oklahoma. Joy McDougal Smith traces the history of the school, from its establishment to closing, and includes details about the people who taught and studied there.
Date: Autumn 1994
Creator: Smith, McDougal Joy
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Alice M. Robertson, Oklahoma's First Congresswoman

Description: Article describes the life and political career of Alice M. Robertson, Oklahoma's first congresswoman and the second woman in the United States Congress. Ruth Moore Stanley describes her support for American soldiers, stance on political issues, anti-suffragist philosophy, and religious beliefs.
Date: Autumn 1967
Creator: Stanley, Ruth Moore
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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