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[Photograph 2012.201.B0052.0179]

Description: Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "Catapulting 240 feet down a roadside ditch, this old sedan rammed into a bridge abutment near Wheatland early Saturday, resulting in critical injuries to two persons." Two Oklahoma City residents were critically injured, and a highway patrol trooper narrowly escaped death early Saturday in related incidents connected to a one-car crash near Wheatland. Being treated at Mercy hospital are Lee Edmond Moore, 39, of 1101 SW 17, and Georgia Harding 31, of 2122 SW 11. Moore and the Harding woman were injured when their 1949 sedan shot off SH 152, careened 240 feet out of control down a bar-ditch and rammed head on into a concrete bridge. They both suffered head and chest injuries, multiple lacerations of the scalp and face and internal injuries. X-rays were being taken to determine extent of injuries. Both were pinned in the car, although Moore managed to extricate himself, and climb back to the road. He said that several motorists passed him before he could get one to stop and then call an ambulance. The Harding woman was rescued from the car by Oklahoma scout car officers Ray LeGrande and Larry Frankford, who offered assistance when they intercepted a radio massage that a patrol had crashed into a ditch. Highway Patrol trooper Red Arthur, en route to the crash scene, was forced to steer his patrol unit headlong into a ditch to avoid crashing into a drunk driver riding down the middle of the highway with his bright lights on. "It was either hit the ditch or be killed," the veteran trooper said at Mercy Hospital. "I was traveling code 3 (red lights, spotlight and siren working), and that guy was right in the middle of the road. I couldn't have stopped ...
Date: September 27, 1958
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society