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Crop Residue, Cotton

Description: Photograph of B.R. Stephens checking crop residues (cotton burs) that has been spread on field west of house in 32-9-14. This field has been worked after burs wre applied.
Date: unknown
Creator: Teakell, John R.
Partner: Oklahoma Conservation Historical Society

Range Black Jack Oak Top Kill Regrowth

Description: Photograph of A.F. Halloran, Wildlife Management Biologist, Sports Fisheries and Wildlife , observing a Blackjack oak that was top-killed in 1963 by fire, showing sprouts coming from the base. 50 feet north of the road looking west to Mt. Sheridan from 1/10 mi. east of OU enclosure. Note rocks on right for reference purpose.
Date: April 3, 1968
Creator: Fry, Chester
Partner: Oklahoma Conservation Historical Society

Watersheds, Lindsay Lake

Description: Photograph of George A. Brown, Lindsay businessman (left) and District Conservationist Hadley Meinders, Purcell, discuss rules and regulations pertaining to the multipurpose lake located north of Purcell.
Date: July 15, 1907
Creator: Croom, Dan F.
Partner: Oklahoma Conservation Historical Society
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