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Weleetka Town Council

Description: Photograph of First Town Council Members in Weleetka, OK. Left To Right: Front: 1. J. Smith, 2. W.H. Russell, 3. Charles M Lawrence, Back: 1. George Mittendorf, 2. Tom W. Blackman, 3. Joseph M. Northrop, Telephone Exchange, 4. George F. Clarke, Newspaperman and Town Founder, 5. R.M. McFarlin, Bank President, c. 1910.
Date: 1910~
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Farming Equipment and Methods

Description: Photograph of diversion terraces (DT) under construction on SCD cooperator E.P. Ballow’s farm. Ballow is carrying out practices as recommended by Soil Conservation Service technicians. DT's constructed to add additional drainage to farm pond for livestock water. Bulldozer at work looking west. OK-1017-3.
Date: October 19, 1959
Creator: Ball, L. F.
Partner: Oklahoma Conservation Historical Society

Trees, Tree Farms, Woodlands, and Forests

Description: Photograph of timber control by basic treatment with chemicals. 2-4-5-T herbicide in diesel fuel that was basal sprayed on this timber during dormant season. Grass came as soon as shade was removed. Weeds showing up [unclear]. No problem here. Lloyd Wilson is very well pleased with the kill. He says his soil conservation plan developed with the aid of Soil Conservation Service [SCS] personnel is the best help he has found.
Date: October 14, 1959
Creator: Ball, Lemuel
Partner: Oklahoma Conservation Historical Society
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