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Description: A private plane after having to make an emergency landing. Photograph taken for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company. Caption: "This aircraft skidded to a halt in a grassy field Friday in an emergency landing. A twin-engined aircraft with five persons aboard made an emergency landing in a grassy field at Will Rogers World Airport Friday afternoon when one of its engines failed. The Piper Navajo, owned by World Market Centers, Inc., was bound for Dallas and had just taken off from Will Rogers when the mishap occurred. No one was injured. The plane was piloted by Dave Hardin, a commercial pilot for World Market Centers. Passengers, none of whom were from Oklahoma, said the plane had just taken off and was climbing when the left prop-jet engine died. Hardin attempted a landing on a runway, they said, and when he realized he would miss the runway he raised the craft's landing gear and landed the plane on its underside in the grass, coming to rest 50 yards east of Meridian and about a half-mile north of the terminal. When the plane touched the ground it was moving at about 120 miles per hour, passengers said. Fire inspectors at the scene said damage to the plane appeared to be minor. FAA inspectors were seeking to find the cause of the engine failure Friday night. One of the passengers in the plane was James Brewer, president of the World Market Centers."
Date: May 26, 1972
Creator: Carter, J. Pat
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society