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First Church of Christian Science

Description: Photograph of the Christian Science Monitor, the Christian Science Journal, the Christian Science Quarterly(Bible Lessons), the Herald of Christian Science- French Edition, and the Christian Science Sentinel. Photo taken by Meyers Photo Shop, July 1951.
Date: July 1951
Creator: Meyers Photo Shop
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Captain Nathan Boone's Journal

Description: Article consists of journal entries written by Captain Nathan Boone as he marched with his Dragoon regiment throughout the Oklahoma and Indian Territories.
Date: Spring 1929
Creator: Fessler, W. Julian & Boone, Nathan
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The Fort Towson Road: A Historic Trail

Description: Article narrates the author's experiences traveling down the Fort Towson Road that runs from Fort Smith to Paris, Texas. This military road was built to connect people across the Choctaw Nation to valuable resources and to allow easy transport of the military's resources.
Date: Winter 1927
Creator: Culberson, James
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

A Journal Kept by Douglas Cooper

Description: Article contains journal entries from the Indian agent Douglas Cooper regarding discussing on how best to protect the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes under his protect from invading Comanches.
Date: Winter 1927
Creator: Foreman, Grant & Cooper, Douglas
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

The First Santa Fe Expedition

Description: Article describes the attempts made by Spanish conquistadors to reach Santa Fe from Texas before the United States acquired the western part of North America. Included on excerpts from their journals.
Date: Summer 1931
Creator: Thomas, Alfred B.
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Recollections of Peter Hudson

Description: Article details Peter Hudson's account of historical events that transpired within the Choctaw Nation as he traveled away from Ultima Thule, a now extinct town within Arkansas. He also explains what the Choctaw tribe called the geographical landmarks he encountered on his journey.
Date: Winter 1932
Creator: Hudson, Peter
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

Journal of a Tour in the Indian Territory

Description: Article narrates the encounters and experiences the author had while participating in a boat ride to the Great Raft, one of the biggest water highways into Indian Territory, aboard the Belle of the Red River.
Date: Summer 1932
Creator: Harris, N. Sayre & Foreman, Carolyn Thomas, 1872-1967
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society
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