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[Photograph 2012.201.OVZ001.8855]

Description: Photograph used for a story in the Daily Oklahoman newspaper. Caption: "A one-man show of painting and prints by Oklahoma City's J. B. thompson is on view in the ground floor rotunda of the education building of First Christian church. It gives notice of a new phase of activity by the fine arts department, which has already done so much ro augment the spiritual program of the church with concerts, light opera and theater. The show will remain through August 3. Though still a student artist, young thompson has a rich background of travel, and of training in architecture as well as in art. He works on canvas, masonite, parchment and paper, using gold and silver point with glowing greens, deep reds, clear blues and stark white. Most of the works in the show are abstract, which is to say they tell no easy story and paint no familiar picture. But they show origin in many forms of nature, and reward study with perception...............Last year he was a student in the are shool at OU, and is presently going to the National University of Mexico for two years study of the arts of the renaissance they've had there in this century. The influence of Thompson's OU teachers is perceptile in some instances where O'Neil, Bavinger and Amero techniques show through. But there is free originality in others, and every painting has the Thompson mark. (photo tag: "Epitome" is the cryptic title of this abstraction by J. B. Thompson, which is on view in a one-man exhibition of paintings and prints in the educational building of First Christain church.)"
Date: July 26, 1957
Creator: King, Cliff
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[Photograph 2012.201.B1308.0403]

Description: Photograph used for a story in the Daily Oklahoman newspaper. Caption: "John Webster, OCU potter will have his hands in clay during the Arts Festival, and J.P. Thompson promises to reveal some of the techniques of welded metal sculpture."
Date: September 15, 1958
Creator: Lucas, Jim
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society

[Photograph 2012.201.B1308.0401]

Description: Photograph used for a story in the Oklahoma Times newspaper. Caption: "Musician Steve Brainard, English teacher John Murphy, and artist J.B. Thompson are among the several representatives of other arts who are at work."
Date: December 7, 1960
Creator: Peterson, Dick
Partner: Oklahoma Historical Society